Supreme Court Says, "Get Used To Living In A Police State"

Supreme Court gives police a new entryway into homes

The Supreme Court, in an 8-1 decision in a Kentucky case, says police officers who loudly knock on a door in search of illegal drugs and then hear sounds suggesting evidence is being destroyed may break down the door and enter without a search warrant.

      Man Killed by Mendocino Deputies on Wednesday in a Marijuana Garden was MARIANO LOPEZ FERNANDEZ, 31 : Another Person Growing Marijuana Shot Dead by Mendocino Sheriff’s on August 18, 2010

      Although, the Mendocino Sheriff's Department and the cop-complicit media continue to write about how the man who was killed and the other non-officers in this situation brandished weapons, "returned fire", etc, NO OFFICERS WERE INJURED.  Isn't that always the case?  The cops talk about how violent everyone else was, how in danger they were- but the only injured and killed people end up being the result of violence from the cops. 


      This is the second killing by Mendocino Sheriff Deputies over marijuana in a month!!


      Redwood Park TRAP for 420: Police State in Action!

      The below report came from the morning of April 20, before the police state pounced on the people en masse.  Keep in mind that the Arcata police stalk people on a regular basis who are sleeping in the so-called "Community" Forest.  And the yearly "Be-Bop and Brew" event is a huge ALCOHOL fest, permitted by the City, with the usual attitudes and risks of large groups of people drinking.