Prison Industrial Complex

Youth Justice Coalition Oct. 10, 2012 STATEMENT TO THE STREETS & ALL YOUTH LOCK-UPS

Statement to the Streets and All Youth Lock-ups

Last summer, people held in the SHU - Security Housing Unit - at Pelican Bay State Prison declared a hunger strike to protest the cruel and inhumane conditions inside. The hunger strikespread to more than 7,000 people locked up in California prisons. People from all "sides" - blacks,whites, Asians, Surenos and Nortenos put all politics behind and came together to demand their human rights.

On this day, October 10, 2012, the men in the Security Housing Unit at Pelican Bay are againleading all of us. They have called for "an end to all hostilities" within our state's prisons and jails. After doing so much time, the men in the Pelican Bay SHU have realized that they are being recycled over and over through the same dead-end system. For all of us, there must be a cut off point - a time at which we stop participating in our own destruction.

As young people who have experienced bloodshed on the streets of Los Angeles, and the violence and humiliation within juvenile halls, Probation camps and Division of Juvenile Justice Youth Prisons, we are also calling for an end to the war between the youth.

Urgent Call for Support: Red Onion State Prison Hunger Strikers in VA

Risin' up from the gulags of the largest incarcerating system in the world and from its streets and workplaces! Amplify the voices of those behind the walls!

  10 DEMANDS of Hunger Strikers & WAYS to SUPPORT BELOW


May 22nd, 45 prisoners at Red Onion State Prison in Virginia began a hunger strike to protest inhumane and torturous treatment and the warden’s refusal to resolve their grievances. We’re working to build exposure and a list of endorsers as fast as possible.


We’re also asking people to send short, personally written letters to everyone possible within the VA prison system to inform them of what’s going on. We have contact information for dozens of men detained in both Red Onion State Prison and Wallens Ridge State Prison. We’ll prioritize ROSP and WRSP and then branch out across the state. The Virginia Department of Corrections will try hard and fast to silence this and keep it from spreading, so we will have to act quickly.

Movement-Building: Petition & Statement of Solidarity with Georgia Prisoner Strike

Fellow human rights defenders,

Thank you to all those who have followed the inspiring lead of the Georgia prisoners responsible for the largest strike in U.S. history. Please visit this link ( to view the current
signers of the Solidarity Statement, which is in essence a petition to the
people of this country to take concrete actions to build this movement.

So many people have been committed to this for years already, and because of the bold and dignified stand taken in Georgia we have an opportunity build
on these efforts.

MOTHERS DAY, May 13th: Mothers Smashing the Prison Industrial Complex & Mothers Speaking Out for Their Children in Solitary Confinement (Hear Audio)

Mother’s Day provides an opportunity to honor and celebrate our given and chosen families.  For those of us fighting the prison industrial complex, Mother’s Day can also provide an opportunity to reflect on the ways the Prison Industrial Complex (PIC) attacks and disrupts our families. 

The good news is that all over the world moms are leading the charge against the PIC.

HOORAY!!!: Court Ruling Favors Political Prisoner MUMIA


Appeal ruling favoring Abu-Jamal smacks US Supreme Court
Tue, 04/26/2011  by:    Linn Washington Jr.

The federal Third Circuit Court of Appeals, in a stunning smack at the
U.S. Supreme Court, has issued a ruling upholding its call for a new
sentencing hearing in the controversial case of convicted cop-killer
Mumia Abu-Jamal.

12, 000 Hunger Striking Prisoners! FACEBOOK links & VIDEO

Prisoner Hunger Strike Grows to Nearly 12,000!

Numbers released by the federal receiver’s office show that on September 28th, nearly 12,000 prisoners were on hunger strike, including California prisoners who are housed in out of state prisons in Arizona, Mississippi and Oklahoma. This historic and unprecedented number shows the strength and resolve of the prisoners to win their 5 core demands and is a serious challenge to the power of the California prison system and to the Prison Industrial Complex in general.

Supreme Court Says, "Get Used To Living In A Police State"

Supreme Court gives police a new entryway into homes

The Supreme Court, in an 8-1 decision in a Kentucky case, says police officers who loudly knock on a door in search of illegal drugs and then hear sounds suggesting evidence is being destroyed may break down the door and enter without a search warrant.

      Angela Davis Speaks About PRISONS

      Angela Davis on WNYC, The Brian Lehrer Show   May 16, 2011

      Angela Davis, activist, scholar, and author of Are Prisons Obsolete?, marks the 40th anniversary of the Attica prison uprising with her critique of the "prison-industrial complex."

      April 2nd: BAR NONE Art Show Benefit

      Hello friends,       

      We are pleased to announce that Bar None will be hosting an art show/benefit at Kyoto's Japanese Restaurant (320 F St. in Eureka) on Saturday April 2nd during Arts Alive! from 5-9 pm.
      There will be sushi, wine, music, raffles, and artwork from "inside."

      Young Father in Willows CA Facing 22 Years So System Can Cover-Up Cop's Outrageous Violence

      We are publishing this letter with permission of the writer.

      Dear Redwood Curtain Cop Watch,

      I just spent four hours in the Willows, CA Court house and am watching the assembly-line of sending people off to prison. I could see the bulk of them are getting sent away because they don't have enough money for anything but a bad public defender.


      The Legal System Is a 3 Ring Circus, March 2011 by Lenda Beck

      Our legal system is a circus one act after another. Officers go out and make
      arrests and the legal system plays with the lives of that person until they
      get to plea to something, then they all get applause. It is a three ring
      circus. The Cops arrest,,... The DA makes big charges and the court appointed
      attorneys wheel and deal with a bargain that make all winners.. Except the
      accused and they are always guilty of something ,,.cause they keep the
      circus running.

      World Courts of Women on Poverty in the U.S. - September 30, 2011

      Testifying and Witnessing Poverty as a Human Rights Violation

      Date: September 30, 2011 (exact dates and locations TBA)

      The U.S. World Court will focus on the hidden yet, brutal issues of poverty in the United States, making visible the invisible, listening to those voices that have been dispossessed, denigrated.

      Critical Resistance (Prison Abolition Group) Speaks About Jerry Brown

      Nov 8, 2010:  While there's certainly variety in all our reactions to last week's elections, we can all agree that reasons to celebrate are few and far between.
      Here at Critical Resistance, we're looking ahead to what will or won't change for
      the fight against the prison industrial complex.  And we think that the (re)election of Jerry Brown is something that should give every single
      one of us pause.

      Arizona's Governor,Jan Brewer (of SB 1070 notoriety) is Heavily Connected with Corrections Corporations of America

      Jan Brewer & CCA: Making Prejudice Profitable

      by Nick Jiles

      For many Americans Arizona’s recent hate legislation, SB 1070, has ignited a firestorm of polemics, raising issues about the miserably archaic and ineffectual nature of our current federal immigration system, the scape-goating of the excessively pigmented during times of economic crisis (where have we seen that before?) and the suddenly cliché cry of state sovereignty. But as Arizona struggles to close a projected budget shortfall of nearly $ 2.6 billion both Senator Jan Brewer and some her closest aides have come under fire for their lobbyist ties to one company that stands to undoubtedly benefit from the “brown-while breathing” legislation known as SB 1070, CCA (Corrections Corporations of America). CCA, the largest private prison corporation in the country, currently operates 6 facilities within Arizona, 3 dedicated to housing inmates from Immigration Customs and Enforcement (I.C.E.).


      In 2009 Arizona became the first state in the country to attempt to privatize its entire prison system- this despite evidence that such privatization would not be cost efficient and in light of the comically tragic recent history of inmate escapes and general security concerns associated with for-profit prisons already operating within the state. It is no secret that Arizona Senator Jan Brewer and some of her closest aides have lobbying ties with for-profit prisons that date back nearly a century, a fact that she and those around her have clumsily attempted to explain as entirely unrelated to the increasing number of private prison facilities that have sprung up throughout the state in the last decade.

      HAPPY MAY DAY! - from Critical Resisance, Strategy & Struggle to ABOLISH the Prison Industrial Complex

      Dear Friends,   
      Happy May Day!

      Today all over the world people are coming together to demonstrate the power of political and economic solidarity; to challenge anti-immigrant racism; to celebrate spring and rebirth; and to affirm our capacity to build a society founded on interdependence.

      We know that in the United States, this "other labor day" isn't officially recognized or celebrated in every community.  Reclaiming May Day is an important tactic for building alliances with communities worldwide.