Johannes Mehserle

SAT Nov 10th: Bay Area Families March Against Police Brutality & Racial Profiling

Alan Blueford, an 18-year-old African American student from Skyline High School, was  shot and  killed by Oakland Police Officer Miguel Masso on May 6, 2012. The Blueford family and JAB coalition strongly condemn the DA’s report and reject all attempts to cover up their son's murder.  We demand Masso be fired and prosecuted, and all racial profiling practices, including stop and frisk, be stopped immediately!


Justice 4 Alan Blueford Coalition

The Blueford Family and the Justice 4 Alan Blueford Coalition wish to extend a special invitation to all families who have been victimized or lost a loved one to police brutality.  Please march together with the Bluefords and our communities to show our resistance and to say NO to this illegal and reprehensible violence from law enforcement. 

This march will occur on Saturday, November 10, at Noon, starting at 14th & Broadway, Oscar Grant Plaza,  in downtown Oakland (12th/14th St BART).   We will rally and march including a brief stop at the Oakland Police Department Headquarters, returning back to  Oscar Grant Plaza for a gathering (~ 1.5 mi).

"Operation Small Axe" Film about Police Brutality, Resonates with Communities All Over the Country

Oakland Filmmaker Feels Police Wrath

An Epidemic of Brutality

By LINN WASHINGTON, Jr.         NOV 5-7, 2010

Hours after San Francisco Bay Area radio show host J.R. Valrey screened his documentary film about police brutality at a university in Philadelphia daily newspapers in that city carried articles about two separate lawsuits filed against Philly police alleging brutality.


Those lawsuits, filed respectively by a state legislator and a high-profile media commentator (both of whom are black) didn’t surprise Valrey. His travels across America screening his film highlighted for him – again – a reality that governmental officials constantly reject: police brutality is a widespread scourge.


Fallout From the Mesherle Verdict: More Arrests, New Charges

By JESSE STRAUSS; September 21, 2010 - Counterpunch

Approximately seventeen people have been charged over the past three weeks with crimes related to the protests against former BART cop Johannes Mehserle's involuntary manslaughter verdict on July 8th. Some of those recently charged were arrested that night, while others have been identified by police in photos, and have been newly arrested. The latest set of arraignments on Monday morning saw three Oaklanders charged with Unlawful Assembly, Remaining at the Scene of a Riot, and Rioting. They are set to reappear in court within the next month.

"The Mehserle Trial" , from Mumia Abu-Jamal July 10, 2010

   The manslaughter verdict returned against former BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) cop, Johannes Mehserle, for the videotaped murder of Oscar Grant, sent hundreds of protesters back into the hot streets of Oakland, California, Grant's hometown.

   The corporate media scratched its collective head, essentially asking 'Why protest when the guy was convicted?"

   The protesters knew, however, that the court system bent heaven and earth to return the lightest verdict possible; involuntary manslaughter' and that Mehserle faces a possible sentence of probation to a maximum of 4 years in prison.

   They knew that Mehserle got a non black jury, hundreds of miles from Oakland.

   They knew that each of those hundreds could've been Oscar Grant, unarmed, shot to death on tape and the same thing would've happened.

   Of course, the corporate media doesn't get it.


Juanita Young is the mother of Malcolm Ferguson (killed by NYPD’s Street
Crimes Unit, cop Louis Rivera in the Bronx in 2000)

Nicholas Heyward, Sr. is the father of Nicholas Heyward, Jr. (killed by NYC housing cop Brian George in Brooklyn in 1995)

Juanita Young and Nicholas Heyward, Sr. have been powerful voices in the movement against police brutality. Through their own experiences, both of these activist parents have also brought strength to many others who suffer and/or have lost their loved ones to police violence.


Most of you know by now of Oscar Grant, the young father who was murdered by BART police in Oakland last New Years. And that the cop who shot Oscar while he laid on the ground, Johannes Mehserle, is the 1st cop in CA history to
face a Murder Trial.

BUT did you know the Trial has been moved to LA in an apparent cover-up, and is starting on June 14th?!?! Well if not, now you do... LA it is OUR time to stand up & finally DEMAND Justice for Oscar!

On Monday, June 14th we will be gathering in MASS in front of the LA
Superior Courthouse in Downtown LA, in support of Oscar Grant¹s young
daughter, girlfriend, mother, family, friends & community in their uphill
battle for justice.

June 10-17, 2010, the week of the start of trial, has also been declared the

Artists of all types (Visual Arts, Music, Poetry, Film, Theatre, Dance, etc), all capabilities, and all ages will be dedicating their art & events that week in a Nationwide show of support for Justice for Oscar Grant & All Stolen Lives.