affordable housing

Tues, March 6th: Rallying Against the World's Largest Jail System, LA County

The threat of jail expansion comes amidst numerous lawsuits surrounding allegations of systematic abuse and torture in LA’s jails as well as numerous reports and expert opinions recommending against the rampant misuse of incarceration in the county. ...  Twenty counties in California have applied for a total of  $1,102,855,803 including a $100 million application from LA County. ...

Homeless Persons' Memorial Day



Homelees people die from systemic violence.

Homeless people die from illnesses that affect everyone, frequently without healthcare.

Homeless people die when government policies deprive them of everything.

Homeless people die from exposure, unprotected from the heat and cold.

Homeless people die at the hands of police and civilians, in unprovoked hate crimes.

Health care is a human right.

Housing is a human right.