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Eighteen Year-Old Left To Die in Juvenile Jail

Lockup’s medical log details teen’s death spiral

 Though Eric Perez screamed and retched all night at the Palm Beach juvenile lockup, he was not seen by a nurse until 7:51 a.m., a log indicates. By then it was too late.

Eric Perez

By the time paramedics arrived at the West Palm Beach lockup to treat Eric Perez, the 18-year-old — jailed on a marijuana possession charge — showed only a “flat line” on a heart monitor.

Though Eric had been screaming and retching all night long, lockup administrators failed to call 911 until well after dawn. A detention center healthcare log provided Wednesday to The Miami Herald shows the youth was not examined by a medical professional until 7:51 a.m. Four minutes later, the log shows, lockup staff called a “code white,” indicating the youth’s condition had become critical.

Arizona's Governor,Jan Brewer (of SB 1070 notoriety) is Heavily Connected with Corrections Corporations of America

Jan Brewer & CCA: Making Prejudice Profitable

by Nick Jiles

For many Americans Arizona’s recent hate legislation, SB 1070, has ignited a firestorm of polemics, raising issues about the miserably archaic and ineffectual nature of our current federal immigration system, the scape-goating of the excessively pigmented during times of economic crisis (where have we seen that before?) and the suddenly cliché cry of state sovereignty. But as Arizona struggles to close a projected budget shortfall of nearly $ 2.6 billion both Senator Jan Brewer and some her closest aides have come under fire for their lobbyist ties to one company that stands to undoubtedly benefit from the “brown-while breathing” legislation known as SB 1070, CCA (Corrections Corporations of America). CCA, the largest private prison corporation in the country, currently operates 6 facilities within Arizona, 3 dedicated to housing inmates from Immigration Customs and Enforcement (I.C.E.).


In 2009 Arizona became the first state in the country to attempt to privatize its entire prison system- this despite evidence that such privatization would not be cost efficient and in light of the comically tragic recent history of inmate escapes and general security concerns associated with for-profit prisons already operating within the state. It is no secret that Arizona Senator Jan Brewer and some of her closest aides have lobbying ties with for-profit prisons that date back nearly a century, a fact that she and those around her have clumsily attempted to explain as entirely unrelated to the increasing number of private prison facilities that have sprung up throughout the state in the last decade.

Hunger Strike at the Port Isabel Detention Center

Southwest Workers' Union        FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE       January 18, 2010

Indefinite Hunger Strike at the Port Isabel Detention Center in Bayview, TX:
Began On National Day of Action Against Sherriff Arpaio,
The Hunger Strike grows in Celebration of Martin Luther King, Jr.

“Some of us who have already begun to break the silence of the night have found that the calling to speak is often a vocation of agony, but we must speak. We must speak with all the humility that is appropriate to our limited vision, but we must speak.”- MLK, Jr.