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Eureka Cops and Kris Coon CHANGE THIER STORY As To David Sequoia's Death

The cops got to Kris Coon.

That first story apparently didn't work- the one about the cop (so far name undisclosed) who shot David in the head at close range, fearing that David would keep reaching for the gun on his hip. Now, it's a whole different story- much more scary sounding... The cops and Coon would have us believe this killing was HEROIC. Coon probably believes he won't have any trouble for a while with EPD if he keeps participating in this cover-up....

'I could have been killed so quickly'; Thursday shootings in Eureka believed to be linked

Thadeus Greenson/The Times-StandardPosted: 03/20/2010 01:32:25 AM PDT


Authorities now believe that the Eureka man killed in an officer-involved shooting Thursday was on the run, having just fired two shots at an acquaintance in an apartment complex parking lot about a block away from the fatal shooting.