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No More Deaths / No Mas Muertes: SPRING BREAK 2011- End Death & Suffering on the U.S./Mexico Border

 According to the Arizona Daily Star more bodies of undocumented people were found in the summer of 2010 than have ever been recorded before.

The recent elections have put increasingly hateful legislation on the table that jeopardizes the lives of many people living in the United States.

No More Deaths needs you now more than ever to join us in our mission to end death and suffering.

If you would like to participate, please place a request as soon as possible. 

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U.S. Border Patrol Killed Mexican Teen Migrating Into Arizona

Jan 6, 2011 Immigration Crackdown: Mexico - Teenage Migrant Dies at Border

*We will track this story to see how it is clarified and confirmed. But cracking down in a military manner leads to such events. A teenage Mexican boy was killed by the Border Patrol last year.

Mexico - Teenage Migrant Dies at Border - "The Mexican police say that a United States Border Patrol agent shot at a 17-year-old trying to cross illegally into the United States at the Arizona border and that the youth died. The Mexican teenager, Ramsés Barron, was found dead outside a hospital in Nogales early Wednesday after three men left him there, the police said. A Border Patrol spokesman said that an agent was involved in a shooting but that the events were unclear and that no injuries seemed to be involved." Jan. 5, 2011, Reuters