Arcata CA

Arcata Police Department Building Its BAD Reputation

January 2, 2011: We found the below composite article ("Citizen, police accounts differ in two incidents") while looking for reports online about Arcata cop, Don Arminio.

Just in the past two weeks, people have told us their personal experiences of being hurt and violated by aggressive, violent, and illegal behavior from Don Arminio, a young war veteran-turned cop.

The first account here is about how Arcata Officer Don Arminio hit a pedestrian in his car- then, to distract and cover-up, the Arcata Police made criminals of the victim and her friend, who was upset about what happened.

Drawing people out of their homes and then arresting them is a tactic that the Arcata Police have been consistently using on people.

Wed, July 6th: Make Signs and T-shirts for Prisoner Hunger Strike Support Rally

Bar None invites you to join on Wednesday, July 6 to make signs and silkscreen t-shirts to wear at the July 8th Rally in Eureka, CA.

On Wednesday, we will also have more information about the conditions at the SHU at Pelican Bay and the demands of the prisoners for people who would like to have a more in depth conversation prior to the rally.


OPEN WORKSHOP for anyone who might want to take direct action for the Earth or any social justice struggle...

Focus on insurgent skills: organize to be a wrench in the machine; demystify legal risks; prepare to assert power with confidence; and arm ourselves with knowledge to prevent the legal system from separating or silencing us.


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE!! Sunnybrae Middleschool Walkout  March 18, 2011


Arcata, CA: Twenty five Sunny Brae Middle School students walked out of class today to demonstrate their opposition to war and to the Navy’s proposed weapons testing in the Pacific off the North Coast. At least one student also voiced solidarity with the Union organizers in Wisconsin. Today’s rally coincided with the anniversary of the invasion of Iraq and was part of a nation-wide day of action against war.  At two o’clock students emerged from their classrooms and gathered in the eighth grade basketball courts. One rally participant said that they chose this location, which was on school grounds, to prevent being mispercieved as just an excuse to cut class.

Participants also said that the rally would have been larger but some students were kept from participating by teachers who prevented them from leaving class.  Although they did not participate, other students and even staff showed solidarity and support for the rally.

Mon, April 18th: Mass Rally At CalTrans Headquarters in Eureka


Mass RALLY at CalTrans In Opposition to the Road Widening Through Richardson Grove!

Richardson Grove Action Now announces and invites all to the Second Mass RALLY at CalTrans in Opposition to the Road Widening Through Richardson Grove!

April 18, 2011, according to CalTrans, is the date when the highway expansion plan through Richardson Grove State Park will be advertised for subcontractor bids.


Learn How to Copwatch!

This workshop will go over:

  • a history of copwatch in this local area
  • our right to film police activity
  • basic copwatch strategies 
  • copwatching patrols and copwatching for the Poor People's March for Human Rights (on September 12 in Eureka)
  • announcements of other upcoming opportunities to copwatch (i.e. Days of Action Against Police Brutality on OCT. 22 & 23)

Wednesday, September 9 in Arcata on the Humboldt State University campus; in the Multicultural Center from 4-7 PM.

Military Recruitment: USA vs. Children Everywhere


We won a victory (in 2008) by voting out the Military’s ability to recruit children under the age of 18... the Federal government seeks to negate successful ballot Measures F and J [Youth Protection Acts], passed by the people of Eureka and Arcata, in order to continue recruitment of minors into the military despite our opposition.