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No More Deaths / No Mas Muertes: SPRING BREAK 2011- End Death & Suffering on the U.S./Mexico Border

 According to the Arizona Daily Star more bodies of undocumented people were found in the summer of 2010 than have ever been recorded before.

The recent elections have put increasingly hateful legislation on the table that jeopardizes the lives of many people living in the United States.

No More Deaths needs you now more than ever to join us in our mission to end death and suffering.

If you would like to participate, please place a request as soon as possible. 

Spring Break 2011—Sign Up Now!

Kentucky's Attack On Migrant People: Senate Bill 6

The attack on migrant people can divide families and destroy lives. SB6 hurts all of us. When ANY group is under attack, democracy is undermined. Our own humanity depends on refusing to be silent. Stop SB6 and build a climate of justice today and over the long haul.

SB 6 will seriously harm Kentucky and all Kentucky residents because: