California Highway Patrol

255 E. Samoa Blvd
Arcata, CA 95521

Arcata Police Department Building Its BAD Reputation

January 2, 2011: We found the below composite article ("Citizen, police accounts differ in two incidents") while looking for reports online about Arcata cop, Don Arminio.

Just in the past two weeks, people have told us their personal experiences of being hurt and violated by aggressive, violent, and illegal behavior from Don Arminio, a young war veteran-turned cop.

The first account here is about how Arcata Officer Don Arminio hit a pedestrian in his car- then, to distract and cover-up, the Arcata Police made criminals of the victim and her friend, who was upset about what happened.

Drawing people out of their homes and then arresting them is a tactic that the Arcata Police have been consistently using on people.

Racial Profiling and Violence

On March 03, 2008 I was driving from San Francisco to San Jose after having dinner at Fuzio’s restaurant in the Castro district around 10:45 pm where I had crispy calamari linguini and water. Driving a constant speed of 60 mph on Highway 101 I notice three Highway Patrol cars one on my left side and two on my right side driving at very high speed. When I looked in the rear mirror I notice a CHP car with the lights on. I thought the officer wanted me to move lanes since I was next to the HOV lane so, I did.