Beechel, E.

Comment: Correctional Officer E. Beechel (proves theres still hope)

Hey i'm just writing to give a shout out to Officer Beechel at the Humboldt County Correctional Facility.  Although I'm not one for praising the cops around here, I think It's worth the time to talk about this young Sheriff Officer.  For those of you who know Officer Beechel I'm sure you would agree he's a pretty good guy.  Beechel plays it real but maintains integrity and is always professional (something cops should be). This young man is always looking out for his inmates and their well being.  Don't get me wrong tho. I've also seen Beechel become very strict.  I remember seeing an inmate calling Beechel names and distrupting the housing unit. At once Beechel addressed this matter and escorted the inmate too a room where Beechel could talk to the man in private.  When they came out of the room Beechel had handcuffed the man and kicked him out of the housing dorm.  I've also seen Beechel take care of bisiness when it came to some nasty fights.  All I'm trying to say is that we need more cops like this. Polite young men and women looking out for the people not harrassing them.