pulled over

Photojournalist Harassed by Eureka Officer Cooper, 10.26.12

The author sent this report to the Eureka Police Department and to the Eureka Times-Standard.  Officer Cooper was accompanied by  2 other cops in their 2 patrol cars.

Incident Report:
At 2:00 AM at 605 4th Street on October 26, 2012,
Officer Cooper pulled me over for not having
an illuminated rear license plate (stating that
this is the #2 violation in the State of California).
He seemed determined from the outset to prove me guilty of
   a) DUI   b) using illegal drugs  c) having weapons
       none of which has any basis in reality.
Contrary to his perception or predetermined motive,
not everyone driving into Eureka at 2:00 AM is a criminal
(e.g., drug dealer) -- and driver's fatigue is not against the law.
My eyes were very tired from driving 630 miles
in 12 hours from a photojournalism trip to Nevada and
then back to Eureka: one of my favorite American cities
until this morning.

Racial Profiling: Pulled over for being a "Car load of Mexicans"

On the morning of August 16, 2010 at 10:20 a.m. came this wording over the scanner.  "car load of Mexicans at Hwy. 162, mile marker 19".   Later it turns out there were only 3 people in the car, or at least they only called in with the names of 3, who happened to be clear all the way round.  It all sounds like now we are going to pull an Arizona and do racial profiling on dark skins.  There was not a reason for the stop, such as no brake light, driving erratic or anything, just the 'car load of mexicans.'