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Government Wants To Seize and Profile Your DNA!

Time for Supreme Court to Weigh in
on Forced DNA Collection

from the Electric Frontier Foundation
Defending Your Rights in the Digital World

December 29, 2011  By Rebecca Jeschke

Can the government force people who are arrested – but not yet convicted of a crime – to give a DNA sample without a search warrant, or does that violate the Fourth Amendment?  One arrestee is asking the U.S. Supreme Court to consider this important question, and this week EFF urged the court to take the case.

Supreme Court Says, "Get Used To Living In A Police State"

Supreme Court gives police a new entryway into homes

The Supreme Court, in an 8-1 decision in a Kentucky case, says police officers who loudly knock on a door in search of illegal drugs and then hear sounds suggesting evidence is being destroyed may break down the door and enter without a search warrant.

      Jeremy Marks, Black High School Student's Home Raided by L.A. Cops/DA Cooley; [Petition after article]

      Jeremy Marks, a black high school student was put in jail last year for videotaping a LAUSD school police officer assaulting another teenager at a bus stop. All Jeremy did was videotape the incident & nothing else yet he was put in jail for approx 7 months, & was bailed out right before XMAS thanks to someone from Google....he was charged with 'Attempted Lynching.' (His bail was $155,000 & he was threatened with 7 yrs prison time)

      On Jan 26, 2011, DA Steve Cooley had Jeremy's home raided and 30 + LAPD cops came in and took computers, cell phones etc.....trying to get any evidence they can before his trial!


      LA District Attorney orders Gestapo-style police raid on home of Jeremy Marks

      Terror tactics in the police war on video

      By Doug Kauffman and Ian Thompson  January 27, 2011

      Mendocino Sheriff Officers Killed My Best Friend

      [This happened on the same day that the Mendo Sheriff's Deputies also shot
      and killed Angel Hernandez Farias.]

      My name is Anna Renee White. I am 25 years old. I am from Willits, Ca. and
      currently a full time college student at Humboldt State University. When I am
      not busy working, in classes or doing homework- you would usually find me at
      the beach with my pit mix Tonka. He was my best friend.
      Recently my best friend was unfairly taken away from me.

      On July 27, 2010 the local Mendocino county law enforcement agencies
      came to my parents home in Willits to serve a search warrant and question my
      parents about an acquaintance of theirs. They obtained the search warrant
      because a criminal they had been surveillancing for a couple of months stopped
      by my parent’s home frequently to have my dad fix his vehicles. My father is