Letter from U.S. Political Prisoner Jalil Muntaqim, Jan 9, 2012

Update from Jalil Muntaqim: We just received a letter from Jalil on January 9th. The letter was written on January 6, 2012, the day after the latest incident.

“Yesterday, at approximately 10 am, three officers came to my cell and searched it. In the process they reviewed my photo album and confiscated 14 photos sent to me by mail from NYC. They said that because the photos had the BPP banner, this constituted “gang materials.” … It should be noted that if the photos were “illegal” when they reached the Correspondence Dept., they should have been sent to the Media Review Committee pursuant to Directive #4422-G, as it pertains to contraband items. Obviously, the photos were not considered contraband when received by the Correspondence Dept.

Please have people call Commissioner Brian Fischer to demand that this continued harassment be stopped immediately, and that I be transferred to Wende Correctional Facility.

Despite every effort to stay below the radar, Attica authorities continue to harass me, frisk me when going to the yard or search this cell. In my 40 years of imprisonment, I have never been charged with possessing a weapon or drugs. So, such harassment must be subject to my political beliefs and past affiliations.

Please extend my very best regards to the righteous at heart with you.

Revolutionary love and unity,


If you have already called Superintendent Mark L. Bradt and Commissioner Fischer, we thank you.

If you have not yet made your calls, please include the following demands:

To Superintendent Bradt (585) 591-2000:

1. An end to this campaign of constant harassment
2. The return of Jalil’s pictures

To Commissioner Brian Fischer (518) 457-8126:

1. An end to this campaign of constant harassment
2. That Jalil be transferred to Wende Correctional Facility

When you call, be sure to use Jalil's DIN number (#77A4283) and refer to him as Anthony “Jalil” Bottom, currently at Attica.

We would like to know what responses people receive. Please send an email to nycjericho@gmail.com or mxcc519@verizon.net to let us know.