His name was "Dude". He was a dog. He was owned by Wesley Simmons, a summer traveler in Berkeley. Dude was a beloved member of the People's Park community. 


     On July 21, 2012 at 12:30 a.m. Dude was chained to the water spigot on the west end of People's Park near his owner, Wesley Simmons. Uniformed UC Berkely officer Kevin Doughty came into the park near Wesley and Dude barked. Officer Doughty pulled his gun and shot Dude twice killing him instantly.


     People in the Park feel this is ONE MORE ACT OF INTIMIDATION OF PEOPLE IN THE PARK LETTING THEM KNOW THEIR PETS CAN BE KILLED IN THE PARK WITH NO ACCOUNTABILITY AND IS ONE MORE STEP TO KILLING ONE OF THEM. Every person we talked to said the UC Berkeley Police has been even more aggressive than usual trying to intimidate the people in the park. This is an on-going problem and is perpetuated by UC Berkeley Police as well as Devon, the director of the People's Park.


      Witnesses Richard Knowles and others have confirmed that Dude was chained up when he was killed and there was no reason to kill Dude other than the fact Officer Doughty could do it.


      There is an article in the Daily Cal you can read on the killing of Dude here: http://www.dailycal.org/2012/07/23/dog-shot-by-ucpd-at-peoples-park/ Although Captain Margo Bennett says Dude was unleashed in the park in the article, she was not there and all the eye witnesses to the event have stated this is a lie. Moreover there were two gun shots heard that killed Dude.


        The Justice For Dude Committee met in People's Park yesterday and re-interviewed several witnesses. It was decided we will do the following:


    1. Demand an independent investigation to be done other than by the UC Berkeley Police or Berkeley Police Department of the killing of Dude;


    2. Demand that Officer Douhty be put fired for the killing of Dude. This is not the kind of officer we want in Berkeley, a city that loves and protects its dogs; 


    3. Publicize the killing of Dude;


    4. Demand the banning of firearms in the Park by the police and anyone else;


    5. Do an on-line petition and telephone campaign demanding criminal charges be filed against Officer Doughty by the Alamedia District Attorney's for animal cruelty against Officer Kevin Doughty for the killing of Dude;


    6. Ask the Berkeley City Council to pass a resolution condemning the killing of Dude;


    7. Do an on-line petition asking for Jerry Brown, Governor of California and Eric Holder of the United States Department of Justice into the shooting of Dude and the growing violence by the UC Berkeley Police and Berkeley City police departments against the people in People's Park;


    7. Picket the UC Berkeley Police Department.


    8. Ask PETA and other animal rights organizations to join with us in our cause.


    We ask you to support us in our efforts, sign our petitions, circulate this information among your members and join with us to seek justice for our dog, Dude, who was killed while be chained to a water spigot. Dude will not have died in vain. Because Dude is no longer with us and could not ever speak for himself, we seek justice for Dude.





                                             Mary Ann Uribe

                            Chair of People's Park Forever Committee


See latest reportage from People's Park with latest info about the death of Dude: http://www.berkeleydailyplanet.com/issue/2012-08-03/article/40075?

and: http://berkeleyreporter.com/?p=1241