This Saturday, Eureka: MEMORIAL For Martin & PROTEST Against Police Brutality!

[please pass this on; HERE is the 2-sided flier you can print and distribute]

MEMORIAL for Martin
& PROTEST Against Police Brutality

- SATURDAY August 9, 2008 –

Please join as community on Saturday, August 9th, the one year memorial anniversary of Martin Cotton's death.

Gather at the Gazebo in Old Town, Eureka at 2:00pm.

Bring your prayers, your rage, your truth.

On Saturday, we will take time to remember our brother. This is also a good time to come together and speak out, or quietly take a stand against police brutality. Police brutality hurts and has robbed us of many people in our communities. It is critical to REMEMBER and ADDRESS THE JUSTICE.



We remember that on this day last year you were beat horribly by Eureka police in front of the Eureka Mission. We remember that then Eureka Police threw you in the cop car and brought you to jail- not to a hospital. We understand that, like with many others before and since, the cops in the jail continued to hurt you. And then you slipped away.

We acknowledge you as part of our community.
We honor your spirit and pray that your suffering has ended.
We're sorry for the way you were treated on the streets.
We're sorry that you suffered so, at the hands of the police.
We will not be silent.

Martin Frederick Cotton II
Sept 3, 1980 – August 9, 2007

On August 9, 2007, 26 yr old Martin "Fred" Cotton was pepper sprayed and severely beaten by the Eureka Police Department [EPD] in front of the Eureka Rescue Mission. He was then taken to the Humboldt Co. Correctional Facility. There, we believe he was further beat by Sheriff's and possibly also EPD officers. The man next to the cell where Martin died witnessed officers dragging Martin, hooded and handcuffed, into a cell. Martin had no medical treatment. According to the Sheriff's Dept, Martin died two hours after booking.

Bryan Hall, the Mission's house manager was the only person from the Mission to attend the so-called Town Hall meeting a week after Martin's death. Bryan defended the police and forbade the other witnesses at the Mission, who tell a very different story, from attending the public meeting to speak.

The names of the EPD officers who beat Martin [Adam Laird, and officers Winkle, Whitmer, Watson, Siipola, Franco, and Baird] were withheld from the public for over 8 months. Sheriff's officers who were involved at the jail, are Officers Griggin, Cangas, Christensen, Morgan, Rossiter, and Strong, and possibly others.

The coroner quickly returned Martin's broken body to his family for cremation during their most vulnerable first days of grieving. Now, as the coroner would have been well aware, Martin's body is unavailable for inspection or evidence regarding his manner of death. The District Attorney, as we predicted, has called Martin's death justified. The DA, the police chief, and the Sheriff have once again ignored the intense and gratuitous violence from the police.

Martin was BEATEN TO DEATH by police right here in Eureka!
Please do not be silent.
Come out on August 9th, 2pm to the Gazebo.

For more information or to report police brutality contact
Redwood Curtain CopWatch
(707) 633-4493