Making Some Sense Of Memorial Day U.S.A.? by Jack Nounnan (vet, Korea) May 2011

Making Some Sense Of Memorial Day U.S.A.?


 Somehow to get beyond honoring personal acts of bravery

 and performing ones duties,  which must and will be done,

while knowing so much has been in vain.


Vietnam was that time when the divining rod of human consciousness was starkly and inwardly displayed to our own troops, atrocities and hypocrisies of what they were unleashing daily upon an innocent people in the name of honor, having become a living  nightmare, their marching orders and their own acts in carrying them out, appearing  despicable and insane.  All those back then were victimized. . . yet for those more opened to its truth, its hideousness tearing them apart and worsening with every new act of violence.  All of it becoming more impossible to bear,  always under orders in this mounting mortifying self contempt.


              Cambodia, the  height of what was then "covert operations", secretive and these undermining  government lies and corruptions, without the consent of Congress or knowledge of the American people,  annihilating hundreds of thousands of Cambodian people across borders, over three-million tons of bombs rained down upon this neutral country in a 14-month clandestine campaign of 3,700 raids, "The US not only helped to create conditions that brought Cambodia's Khmer Rouge to power in 1975, but actively supported this genocidal force, politically and financially, whose wrath against their own people  annihilated millions in what was to be known as the Killing Fields.


               Fast forward and first Afghanistan, then Pakistan, then U.S. covert actions again 'cross borders, all of it including special opts to assassinate wherever they please,  but now such covert actions becoming "normal" , widespread solutions,  torture prisons and  mercenaries like Blackwater all  becoming new age acceptable brutalities, government and corporate veiled lunacy so many people so prepared to tolerate since 9/11.   And too those framing and so well proven lies used as evidence against Iraq in shock and awe. U.S armies destructions  of anothers whole culture and murdering millions of its peoples, still all this goes on, as certain as it is now these U.S. culturally tolerated afflictions.


                  Memorial Day and what are we  to make of this? What have we become as a people and how long will we bear this terrible infamy?  Who are we to honor of this military now in arms carrying out such mixed orders at best, with mostly atrocious acts thrown in, including torture  against still more innocent peoples?   Of course we care for those of our own victims returning broken and left to find  some meaning to their lives at home. . . and to those who gave their lives in these  trials of our history and those emotions we must bear.  Our feelings in continued  warp, in face of long endured and brutal exploitations of this empires armies out  rampaging through our world.



               Like so many of our military today, all of it becoming increasingly impossible to live with, in this mounting mortifying self rejection. . . or refusing to go further and finding some redemption.   When will truth be so honored. . . or ought we just have it  be another kind of memorial day?




On Richard Nixon's tombstone it reads: "The Greatest Honor History Can Bestow Is the Title of Peacemaker."


We  have a seated President who has received the Nobel Peace Prize which stipulates:

"one who shall have done the most or the best work

for fraternity between nations,

for the abolition or reduction of standing armies

and for the holding and promotion of peace congresses.


What honors will be bestowed upon Bush?



Communities For Justice and Peace, Humboldt.Co. Ca.