Mary Neal is Censored: She Wants You To Know The TRUTH


Thanks again for sharing links to information about these issues, especially because I am censored to hide Larry Neal's murder cover-up and The Cochran Firm Cointelpro fraud.  As you know, Geronimo ji Jaga Pratt recently died, the former minister of defense for the Black Panther Party who spent 27 years imprisoned on false murder charges after being set up by the FBI's CoIntelPro program - an instrument used to suppress African Americans and any Americans who were considered a threat to the status quo:  white supremacy, war, etc.  Johnnie Cochran may have paid with his life for exonerating ji Jaga and plans to sue the USA for slave reparations.  See  JOHNNIE COCHRAN'S COINTELPRO MURDER THEORY - at this link:

On June 17, people gathered across the country to protest the War on Drugs, a failed program that has rendered many people into prison, mostly addicts in need treatment and young marijuana users who posed no danger to society.  People are awakening to the fact that the prison industrial complex is a business, and people are its commodities.  Guilt and innocence do not count as much as they should because making money is the object of this business, and prisons earn the same for innocent inmates as for guilty ones.  Mentally ill people comprise over half of the 2.3 million inmates in America.  Their incarceration is usually longer and more severe than other inmates partly because their health conditions make them less likely to be prison laborers and earn "good time" like the hundreds of inmates who BP used to clean up the gulf oil spill. Inmates were forced to work up to 72 hours per week in oppressively hot weather.  Slavery lives in the prison system.  People need to contact the NAACP and ask why that organization would propose expanding the War on Drugs by a discriminatory law against menthol cigarettes, the kind that 80% of black smokers use. 

The fact that authroities refuse to account for my brother's secret arrest and murder evidences the racism that festers in America.  While potentially innocent men like Troy Davis await execution, the U.S. Department of Justice (USDOJ) helped Memphis Shelby County Jail avoid prosecution for Larry Neal's death by knowingly accepting false reports from Shelby County officials that omitted reporting Larry's incarceration and death. The USDOJ continues to shield Larry's murderers and officials who covered it up in Memphis and in Washington, D.C. by refusing to respond to requests for documents and information under our Freedom of Information Act request. 

Larry's unresolved murder proves that the USDOJ is itself criminal and helps police officers, jails and prisons escape accountability for abuses and deaths.  People in Florida petitioned for a federal investigation after 7 black men were killed there in just 8 months.  Unfortunately, even when the USDOJ does investigations and finds a pattern of abuse in violation of federal law, there is a good chance the agency will do nothing with the findings but help police hide their crimes better.  That is what happened in Memphis Shelby County Jail regarding the wrongful death of Larry Neal, and I am stalked and censored because I expose this and other injustices online in my articles.  Please see COINTELPRO MAKES HOUSE CALLS at this link:

Your help is very much appreciated.

Mary Neal, director of Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill