On the morning of Jan 31, approx 5:30/6am, I had just turned off my computer and was finally able to relax enough to fall asleep...when the dogs went off and my son came into my room saying that there were lights shining into the living room window...I told him to stay put that i would go and see what was going on...I went to the front window to look out to see if anyone was messing around the vehicles...when I saw men near my front porch with guns pointing at the window yelling "Put your hands up and come outside"...I slammed my hands up to the window to show them...I yelled "You ordered me to place my hands can I open the door?"...they continued yelling so I removed my hands to open the front door...all i heard was "come out with ur hands up"...It was raining slightly and very cold...i was in my pjs with socks and freezing already..I have a disability that causes great pain when cold and when my arms are handled in a rough manner...i came outside..they continued yelling to proceed to the gate..I looked around. I saw at least four men to my right. Two were right near my railing on my property..i could see officers out by the gate all with guns pointed at me..i asked "what is the problem? what is it that u want?" no answer but "Continue to the gate with ur hands up"...I walked to the gate. I was told to turn around. As I turned, someone grabbed me. I told him "Please do not grab my arms and hand cuff them as I have a disability and can not put my hands behind me"...They grabbed my left arm violently and pulled it down and handcuffed me and then continued to do the same with the rt arm...I screamed in pain and my left arm popped and a shooting pain went up my into my shouldar and down my back...i asked "please remove the handcuffs and tell me what it is u want"...I was shaking and freezing one would answer me..they asked me who was in the house. I said my son [name witheld**] and maybe [name witheld**] and his two friends...I became disoriented from being cold and in pain...I explained to them i was just going to be, that i cant sleep. They asked me who was in the house again. I wasn't sure of all who was in there...but again repeated what i had told them..Again I asked them what was going on.. why are they doing this..again NO one would answer me. I was then grabbed by the left arm and taken to a truck and lifted by my arms into the truck as I screamed in pain...It was like seeing a war zone...They treated me with no concern for what I was telling them, that they were hurting me...I screamed to be let out of the truck ..I was so scared that they were going to rush into the house ...oh my god, my kids were in there and I was scared for them...After some time an officer came to the truck and opened the door and again asked me who was in the house. Again I told them. They asked me why I couldn't sleep. Again I told them that my disability causes alot of pain and sometimes i can't go to sleep till early morning...As the officer started to close the door, I placed my foot outside to step out and he grabbed me and i fell to the ground landing hard on my left hip and leg. I felt a sharp pain from the fall now in my left lower side. I was crying and screaming "What is going on? Why are u doing this?" ..again no one would answer me. He just grabbed me up by both arms, pulling them up...oh my god, how can they not hear me? I told him, "You can't do this too me. You're hurting me more when u pull me by my arms. I need to be taken out of this angle. Handcuff me in front please"...still no one would listen...I started yelling towards the house for [**] to come out to get [**] and the others to come out...I tried to get closer to the house but was grabbed and pushed to the ground again..i continued to yell towards the house for ** to come out and get the others..I dont know how long i was left on the ground, wet cold freezing and in great pain...I told them, "Let me go inside and bring the kids out" ...They said they couldn't do that. I asked again why they were here and why they were doing this??..still no answer...I said, "Then let me go to my daughter's house." They said they couldn't let me do that...I told them, "I cant take this any more. You are hurting me. I need to lay down"...Then an officer grabbed me up by the arms and took me into my neighbor's house..I stood there shaking and again I asked "What is going on? Why are they doing this?" I turned and asked my neighbor. ...He said he didn't know...They ordered me to sit down. I said no. I stood in front of the window to watch what they were doing ...They had my house surrounded and there were a few officers on the property. They asked if they could go into the house when I first came out ..I told them NO...I was scared for my children's lives. All I could see was guns and a bunch of guys ready to shoot anything...all i could think was they would rush into my home and kill my children...I was shaking from the cold and being wet and one would explain to me what was going on for at least an hour or more..while in the officer came to me finally and said that they were looking for ***..and asked me if he was in the house..I told him he could be sleeping in the back room...I asked him what was going on ...Finally someone told me that they were looking for *** because he was involed in a drive-by shooting..I said "No way"..I said "Let me go in and bring them all out"...I knew that if they went into the house that someone was going to get killed just by the attitude that some of the officers had ..One had said he was guilty...I said to him "Isn't this America, where we believe innocent until proven guilty?"..He didn't answer. One officer told me to be quiet or that he would have me arrest for obstructing...I told him, "I am not obstructing anything, but I will speak up and say what i have to say"..and I said that they were being very barbaric about this and the treatment of me was horrible ...I kept saying, "I need to go lay down. I am in pain"..One officer told me (I think he was in charge I am not sure who is who in all this...) he told me that as soon as they all come out, they will take me back into the house to my room, but that I had to stay in one room and not move from there...Finally one of my children ** came out...[I am sorry but the time is a blur... I was just glad one came out]...eventually [the person the officers said they were after] came out...and then eventually ** and my daughter came to the door.. [Name witheld]** came out but my daughter ran back into the house and then came back to the door..I kept asking for my daughter and saying that I need to go into my home. He kept saying, "When they all come out, I'll take u back into the house to ur room" but that I would have to stay in that room till they finished..I guess they were trying to get a search warrant and were waiting on...they asked me again if anyone else was in the house. I told them, "No, they are all out so please take me back to my home. I need to lay down"....It must have been about 20/30 minutes after everyone had come out, I heard an officer say, "There are flames coming from the front bedroom"...omg my room.. what did they do? I saw the flames. It was like a pleasent fire place fire then it turned into hells flames. I yelled at them, "What are u doing? Call the fire dept!" No one had called for them. I yelled, "It's right there! Call the dam fire dept!"...The flames where hot. Hell was upon me ..They took it all away from me.. my home... They lied to me. They said I would be able to go into my home when the last person was out...They lied to me. They took my home away from me. They took my life away, everything I worked so hard for... my body destroyed in so much pain...Mary went over the edge at this time...I came out and had to take over while we were in the hospital...No one would listen to her. No one would answer her. I had to stand by and watch the hell they were puting her through..I couldn't stand it any more so I stepped out and took over...I am Mary...Mary isnt capable of dealing with what has happened in her life at the moment...I have had to take on what needs to be done to keep her safe..Her faith has been destroyed ..She is lost in the outside world... This was wrong how they treated her, how they acted. It was like the gestopo attacking her home..Something needs to be done..Someone needs to help us..