Help Save Troy Davis (Spread this VIDEO)

Spread the Word by Sharing This Video

Over the last week, more than 30,000 members of the NAACP family have spoken up and stood by Troy Davis. Now it's up to us to spread the word so that our collective voice can be even louder. 

This CNN video from 2009 documents the inconsistencies in this case, and shows footage of multiple witnesses recanting their statements that they saw Troy Davis commit murder. Watch it now and spread the word to your family and friends.

Sign the Petition to Save Troy Davis

It only took the jury a few hours to sentence Troy Davis to death -- a
conviction based almost entirely on witness testimonies. Today, seven of the
nine witnesses have recanted their statements.

Despite all of the questionable evidence, he remains on death row. So we
must continue to draw national attention to this incredible injustice.

In the video, witnesses have spoken out and expressed deep remorse over the
possibility that an innocent man could be sentenced to death. It is now our
moment to join their call for justice, and make sure the Parole Board is