May 13, 2011: 26 years since government bombed MOVE family

ONA MOVE, All!  As I'm sure you all are aware, May 13th is close at hand, and of course we never let it go by without reminding folks of the bombing and murder of our MOVE family that day in 1985.  We plan to rally and distribute info/ updates on the four corners of Broad and Chestnut Sts. in Philly on Saturday May 14th from 12:00pm til 3:00pm.  It's always good to get out there with the people to talk to them and pass out info. Also, I would really like to do a screening of the August 8th film on Friday evening May 13th so if any of our Philly supporters have ideas on a good place to do that please let me know ASAP.  For our supporters outside of Philly, particularly those outside the country, I urge you to do something in your area.  One of the things that we encourage you to do is a screening of the August 8th film.  We have them available for $10.00 plus postage if you need to order it.  Take care and hope to see you all in May---Ramona