The Legal System Is a 3 Ring Circus, March 2011 by Lenda Beck

Our legal system is a circus one act after another. Officers go out and make
arrests and the legal system plays with the lives of that person until they
get to plea to something, then they all get applause. It is a three ring
circus. The Cops arrest,,... The DA makes big charges and the court appointed
attorneys wheel and deal with a bargain that make all winners.. Except the
accused and they are always guilty of something ,,.cause they keep the
circus running.

The cops go out and make the arrest, and make their reports? Well I have
found them to be inaccurate more often than not. This is so important these
guys must do report writing classes continually. This is reported as one of
the greatest problems we have in the system. Mis-reporting on reports and
missing evidence. Evidence is lost regularly. Three taser reports .. Three
officers.. and two seperate agencies.. all reports missing..In a court
hearing this month, I heard a Probation officer testify that they lose paper
work often. As she was on the stand testifying that a client did not show
up, and he received a probation violation for that, she did not have her
clients paper work but testifies that he did not show up. Thank God the
client was able to produce a copy of the receipt he had kept and he had
talked to her that day.. There was a Federal Subpeona she was asked if she had a
copy of this, and she said she thinks she remembers it coming across her
desk. We are talking serious stuff, people's lives are at stake, in the hands
of people not being accountable to accurately do their jobs, and not treat
people like scum especially at the hand of their own mistakes.

The DA's office wants to win, they have to show they are fighting crime of
corse. A person is arrested on a violent crime. The Da 's office goes
before the judge saying what a terrible crime this person commited, based
upon the cop's report.  Almost Killed his wife. A gun was supposedly use in a
crime. She was brutally beat up according to police reports and pictures.
She was in Harrington house several times over the summer. They give the man
lots of felony charges and recommended prison time. The person was so
supposedly bad that there was no OR or Bail. But when the Plea is made, the
man gets a good chunk of jail time for a crime that gives him the best deal
for his punishment phase. Although at this time the restraining order
against the victim is dropped, and they are allowed to visit in jail. Back to square one. I made a bet with the Deputy DA that this man would be back within a year if he stays in this county when he gets out. I am very good friends with the family and they will let me know. What about rehabilitation for these abusing folks in our town costing lots of money by us allowing this to continue. It is costing big bucks for these people to continue to go through this system. The woman was lodged in
Harrington house several times last summer alone. Now he is lodged in our
county jail for months.

Court appointed attorneys have told me straight up- they do not have time to
research a person's case. They do not get paid enough money. They do not
communicate or advocate, they just make deals.. It ought to be called "lets
make a deals because there is no defense brought into court on your behalf,
or else it is very half-hearted. These attorneys that you are putting your
lives into their hands do not work for you but the county. And the circus
continues to continue.


[Sent to us from dedicated, caring, strong Del Norte WatchDog, Lenda Beck.]