March 22: NATIONAL DAY OF ACTION - Called by Dallas Communities Organizing Against Police Terrorism


These goals should be implemented in short/long terms. Places that already have this or something similar, we ask that you support those of us that do not:


  1. Know Your Rights Classes specific to your state. I.E. California vs. Texas Gun Laws

  2. Local community based patrols. Make the police “services” obsolete in your community

  3. Documentation of police activity that can later be used as evidence.

  4. Community Review Boards- Establish or implement them with subpoena power with the ability to prosecute.

  5. Tribunal del pueblo- The people’s court where the true peers and equals of the people assaulted can express, and try the offender.

  6. Civilian Overview of Internal Affairs- Police are bias when investigating themselves

  7. Make Police Terrorism a local, regional, and national election issue.




These demands are what we are asking for nationally.


  1. Eliminate the Shoot to Kill Policy

  2. Ban Tasers

  3. Prosecute murders by cops like murders by civilians are prosecuted- murderes, not protected servicemen

  4. Stop the cruel and unusual punishment to inmates, political prisoners, and activists

  5. Demilitarize the police- Stop recruitment of military veterans into the police force. These men and women have been conditioned for warfare and are neither emotionally nor mentally stable to deal with the adjustment in a civilian environment.

  6. Reparations for the victims and families of police terrorism

  7. No prosecution against cases of videotaping the police. Abolishment of these unconstitutional laws where they exist and ban any further bills from being enacted.



Dallas Communities Organizing Against Police Terrorism (COAPT) proposes responding to the problem of police brutality and terrorism in all states, with people and organizations congregating and demonstrating, on the same day, to address these issues. We would like to encourage any and all people and organizations to rally on this issue to send a message to our governments and police departments around the United States that police terrorism and brutality will not be tolerated any longer.

Communities Organizing Against Police Terrorism proposes a National Day of Action, for our right to life, on March 22, 2011.

On that day, we will act freely and peacefully and we will not be terrorized by local, state and federal policing agencies.  Above is a list of demands we will be making that day.


Some Organizational endorsements:


People’s Lunch Counter

Students for a Democratic Society, El Centro College Chapter

Dallas Brown Berets

MXGM, Malcolm X Grassroots

Freedom Road Socialist Organization, Dallas chapter

International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement (INPDUM), Dallas Chapter

New Black Panther Party, Dallas chapter