Pennsylvania Gov. ED RENDELL Keeps MOVE 9 Locked Up Almost 33 Years!

ONA MOVE!  The MOVE Organization wants to take this opportunity to point out yet another example of the blatant prejudice of government officials when it comes to MOVE. Pennsylvania governor Ed Rendell just commuted the life sentences of three men convicted of murder in the 1970s. The reason he gave is that these men were not the ones that actually pulled the trigger in the murder, they were “accessories”.  In the case of the MOVE 9, however, Rendell was the district attorney who charged and prosecuted 9 of our MOVE sisters and brothers for the murder of one cop who was shot with one bullet from one gun. MOVE women never had weapons charges on them and nobody including any police officials could say that *any* MOVE person shot and killed Policeman James Ramp. In fact, after the trial of the MOVE 9, judge Edwin Malmed who presided over the trial *without a jury* admitted publically on a radio talk show that he didn’t have the “faintest idea” who killed James Ramp. Still the MOVE 9 remains in prison almost 33 years and Rendell who is directly responsible for this blatant injustice has done everything he can to insure that MOVE people remain in prison and never even get paroled, not to mention have their sentences commuted. This is yet another example of the blatent prejudice that MOVE has been exposing in this rotten system and is personified by officials like Ed Rendell. To see the article being referred to just search “ed rendell/commutations”.


                                                          Merle Africa died on
                                                       March 13, 1998 under            
                                                        suspicious circumstances at
                                                        Muncy Correctional Institution
                                                        after being wrongfully
                                                        imprisoned for almost 20 yrs.