JOIN THE DIGNITY CAMPAIGN for Real Immigration Reform


Most immigration reform bills before Congress have an built-in bias and nativist prejudice toward immigrants, both documented and undocumented. These immigrants are presumed guilty until proved innocent.  

Many of us believe that a new approach toward immigration reform is urgently needed. Thats why we are joining the Dignity Campaign.  Hopefully, more individuals and groups will join in with this campaign.

Hasta La Victoria!


Mark Day

San Diego Day Laborers Association



JOIN THE DIGNITY CAMPAIGN for Real Immigration Reform

Over the last year a group of organizations and individuals have been meeting to affirm the need for an immigration reform bill based on human rights. This bill would include immediate legalization of the undocumented; de-criminalization of immigrants; equal rights; reunification of families; an end to temporary worker programs, and an end to trade and foreign policies that cause the dislocation of people.

We are calling this effort the Dignity Campaign for Real Immigration Reform.  We need real solutions to the denial of migrants' rights, to the economic and political forces that force migration, and to the economic crisis that affects working people in general. We hope to raise our collective aspirations for immigration reform, rather than limit our work to criticizing Congressional proposals that reflect corporate needs for exploitable labor. 

The Dignity Campaign is an effective education and organizing tool -- a positive alternative to Congressional proposals and policies that continue to criminalize immigrants. We can use the alternative bill¹ in community forums, union meetings, marches, lobbying visits to Congress members, newspaper articles and other ways to raise our expectations for real solutions and rally support.

We welcome the input of groups and individuals on this proposal and encourage communities and unions to use it in formulating your own proposals. Some communities are already using the proposal this way. We invite you to join the Dignity Campaign in developing an immigration bill that represents the reforms we really need. To sign-on to this campaign or for more information please contact Renee Saucedo at La Raza Centro Legal (415-575-3500 and 415-553-3404,, Lillian Galedo at Filipino Advocates for Justice (510-465 9876, lgaledo@filipinos4j, Fred Hirsch (408-821-1394, fredhirsch@cruzio. com</sm/src/compose.phpfredhirsch@cruzio. com>), David Bacon (510-851-1589,</sm/src/> ), Bill Chandler at the Mississippi Immigrant Rights Alliance, (601-968-5182, b.chandler@yourmira .org </sm/src/compose.phpb.chandler@yourmira .org> ), Rosalinda Guillen at Community to Community (360-738-0893,rosalindag@qwestoff </sm/src/compose.phprosalindag@qwestoff> ) or Hamid Khan at South Asian Network (562-230-4578, hamid@southasiannet

Filipino Advocates for Justice, Oakland, CA
La Raza Centro Legal, San Francisco, CA
San Francisco Living Wage Coalition, San Francisco, CA
San Francisco Day Labor Program, San Francisco, CA
Labor Council for Latin American Advancement, San Francisco, CA
Labor Council for Latin American Advancement (national)
MAIZ, San Jose, CA
South Asian Network, Los Angeles, CA
Mississippi Immigrants Rights Alliance, Jackson, MS
Community2Community , Bellingham, WA
Priority Africa Network, Oakland, CA
Dominican Development Center, Jamaica Plain, MA
National Domestic Worker Alliance
May 1 Coalition, New York, NY
Frente Indigena de Organizaciones Binacionales, U.S./Mexico
San Francisco Labor Council, San Francisco, CA
Pilipino Workers Center of Southern California
Asocaicion de Jornaleros de San Diego, San Diego, CA
Mujeres Unidas y Activas, San Francisco and Oakland, CA
California Healthy Communities Network
Frente Unido de Inmigrantes, Chicago, Il
Global Exchange
California Fair Trade Campaign

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1. Legalization
* Legalize all people without status quickly, with low fees
* People will receive permanent residence status
* Newly legalized people are entitled to public benefits
* Anyone in the country for five years can apply for legal status

2. Family Reunification
* Raise the number of family visas available, and issue all unused visas
* Process all applications for family preference visas

3. Repeal Employer Sanctions and Enforce Labor Rights
* Immediately repeal employer sanctions, and dismantle the E-Verify database 
* Increase enforcement of worker protection laws, for all workers
* Make threats from employers using immigration status a crime
* job creation and job trainng programs for unemployed workers
* All people can get a Social Security number, regardless of immigration status 

4. Guest Workers and Future Flows
* All existing guest worker programs (H1-B, H2-A, H2-B) will end after five years. 
* Reform existing guest worker programs during those five years, force employers to hire domestic workers first, and enforce labor standards for guest workers ts
* All guest workers can organize and join unions, and can sue over violations 
* Make green cards available during times of low unemployment for migrants
who don't qualify for family preference visas

5. Trade Policy and Displacement
* Hold hearings about the effects of NAFTA and CAFTA, and collect evidence
about the way those agreements displace people.
* Existing agreements will be renegotiated to eliminate causes of displacement. 
* No new trade agreements that displace people or lower living standards.
* Prohibit U.S. military intervention or aid to support trade agreements,
structural adjustment policies or market economic reforms

6. Due Process and Detention
* Repeal federal laws barring drivers licenses to undocumented immigrants
* Prohibit local law enforcement agencies from enforcing immigration law
* End roadblocks, immigration raids and sweeps
* Prohibit privately-run detention centers, and tear down existing centers
* Families with children may not be separated by detention or deportation.

7. Repeal Border Militarization and Enforce Human Rights
* Dismantle the wall and the 'virtual wall' along the border
* Remove National Guard troops from the border
* End the privatization of border control and security operations on the border 
* End criminal charges to prosecute immigrants based on their immigration status 
* Prosecute private vigilante groups for violations of the rights of migrants 
* Reduce the budget for border enforcement and detention, and redirect the funds to social services, healthcare, education, family reunification, processing visa backlogs and enforcing civil rights.