POWER TO OUR YOUTH, from Idriss Stelley Foundation, November 2010

Happy to report that I receive phone calls today from 2 different high schools teachers to set up 15 hr internships for their students at Idriss Stelley Foundation, prompted by the Mehserle Verdict and the police assassination of Derrick Jones.

Our internship includes Youth Know your Rights interactive training so that the kids can later conduct their own workshops in their schools.

We also take the kids on mural sightings in SF , depicting the saga of police brutality in our city, and hook them up with Hermana muralist Laura Campos to participate in murals currently in process. We train kids on how to apply for YEFAB (Youth Empowerment Funding Advisory
Board), and the SF Youth Commission. We also take the kids on tours of the Office of Citizens Complaints and prepare them to make public comments at the SF Police Commission.

Many of the kids we mentor have PTSD due to sustaining the loss on Loved Ones on the street.

Last year, we graduated kids from Balboa High School and June Jordan High School for Social Equity. ISF provides free counseling and support groups for survivors of Police Misconduct and Grieving Families of Loved Ones Killed by Law Enforcement.
Your hotline is 415-595-8251.

We are located ay the Redstone Building, half a block from 16th St. BART Station, 2940 16th St, Suite 209, corner of Capp
Street. We provide also Pro Bono Civil Rights Atty referrals, and moderate over 160 yahoogrooups for our clients and Social.RacialJustice activists,and have assisted over 6000 Sisters and Brothers since 2003, when we offically opened our doors in 2003.

We seek no money, and do not advertise, most referrals are from word of mouth or through the editors of the SF Bay View newspaper though which I have been as an investigative reporter on law enforcement accountability issues. i do not do emails due to lack of time,
but you can reach me on our hotline or on my facebook page. POWER 2 our Youngstas !