KNOW YOUR RIGHTS Training in CRESCENT CITY, Saturday, Nov 27th

KNOW YOUR RIGHTS:  How To Handle Encounters with Police
hosted by Redwood Curtain CopWatch and Del Norte Watch Dogs

Saturday, Nov 27th
1:30pm - 5:30pm

All Ages Welcome

The workshop will be at 1401 Northcrest Drive, Crescent City

For More Info Call (707) 457-2098

Do you know what to do if you're stopped by police?  Do your friends and children know what to do?  Are you tired of your rights being violated?  This workshop focuses on the law "on the street"-- what your rights are and how cops try to trick you out of them.  Redwood Curtain CopWatch wants to share strategies to survive police encounters. 

Please come.  The more of us who know how to assert our rights (including watching the police), the closer we will be to ending the police state- and protecting ourselves and each other.

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