FREE LEONARD PELTIER! the Longest Held Political Prisoner

A Green Party Announcement: Free Leonard Peltier Caucus

A new caucus has been formed. The Free Leonard Peltier Caucus is working to circulate a petition for signatures to be presented to Pres. Obama at the end of his tenure asking for a presidential pardon for the longest held political prisoner, Leonard Peltier.

At this time the membership consists of Deacon Alexander, primary candidate
for California Governor and coordinator of the Watts Greens and Dorothy
Kemeny, member of the GPLAC County Council and Co-coordinator of the Long Beach Greens.

The caucus will be working on circulation of the petition on-line and establishing a downloadable form on the GPCA Front Page as well as publicizing it in the Focus and Green Pages. It is the aim of the caucus to reach out to all the organizations and individuals working for Peltier's release around the world to sign to the petition.

The contact person is Dorothy Kemeny