About Mariano Lopez Fernandez, Killed by Mendocino Sheriff's Officers

Mariano is my husband. He is the father of my 1 year old son, who celebrated his 1st birthday 4 days before his father was brutally and wrongfully killed. We have been together for 2 1/2 years and he is the gentlest, kindest, most peaceful and loving man I have ever known. I believe that what Sheriffs reports are saying is a bunch of lies. I dont understand how this happened. I have many doubts in my mind and mostly my heart around everything that has to do with my husband's killing. He was shot probably 8 or more times, in the legs, the stomach, his leg and arm were broken and to finish him off I guess, they shot him in the back, but not straight on, sideways, the bullet severed his spinal column and broke his back. I already have an excellent lawyer and I have just arrived back in the states after a two week stay in Mexico. I helped return him to the land where he was born to bury his lifeless body. A wish he had expressed to me a year before. This can't keep on like this. People being killed because they are here yes, illegally, but most are here to work and to try and make a life for themselves and their families. But since the government wont allow them to attain a normal job, they are pretty much forced into moving into the hills and grow marijuana. It all sounds like some sort of morbid, racist plan to me. I believe that we all come from God and we are all human beings, and we have blood and we breathe and eat, and sleep all alike, who cares what color the persons skin is, or what country they are from? Or what language they can or cant speak?! We are all the same beneath it all. This HAS TO STOP!!!


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