STOLEN LIVES in Fresno California, list sent by M. Gloria Hernandez - Aug 19, 2010

Click HERE to see the STOLEN LIVES report from M. Gloria Hernandez of Fresno.  The key to the acronyms used in the list are at the bottom of the document. lives 2010 fresno.pdf

Ah... so it seems the more I dig the more I find.. Jerry Dyer was appointed chief
after Julian Boo Boo Celeya died.

So count the victims attribated to Dyer's leadership after Boo Boo. Its been ten
years since his appointment and I count 47 deaths and those are the ones we know of...

The Stolen Lives list for Fresno was compiled from the following:

-District Attorney's letter to the OIR [Office of Independent Review]
-letter from the OIR to the District Attoney which included their lists of open/closed cases
-response to my Public Records Act Requests back in 2006 and 2009
-information from Color Lines Articles and Fresno Bee articles over the years
-latest list provided by a lawyer representing the police during a deposition of July 28, 2010.

What I gleaned from the articles:
Seems to me that the dates and some info don't match. For example at all times regarding Demtri Hallin the Fresno Bee articles and his obituary, the date and FPD id number 03-99484 match my list which was obtained from the California Public Records Act info. However one exhibit given to me identifies him as Jared Jackson MB 06-02-78 and has two case numbers on it; one the same as on my list and the other is case number 03-99474. 

Also the exhibit has different officer names for some of the shootings.

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My son Stephen Adam Willis was murdered by two Fresno Police Officers on March 28, 2009. I would like to be included in any protests/meetings regarding police murders/brutality.  It is not about race, it is about being human beings and the Fresno Police Department's silent excessive force policy. We all need to stand together.  Jerry Dyer is not a positive leader for the city of Fresno.  He condones this type of behavior.  He needs to be stopped.  The police department needs to be investigated by the FBI.  

Thank you,

Liz Willis

Mother of Stephen Adam Willis