Comment about bogus police justification

I attended a meeting of the Eureka City Council this afternoon which allowed for public input after a lengthy statement from the Eureka Police Department Chief. The rhetoric of the EPD was of the usual indignant self indulgent sort as were the comments of the couple of citizens who stood up for them- that no one should question their actions until all the “facts” are in, and that only they, the police, are qualified to supply the facts and investigate themselves...

Another argument advanced by the ‘authoritarian’ side is that the boy was disobedient hence it was alright to kill him. One man advancing that insane notion stated that his children never disobeyed him. That may or may not be true but I’ll bet they learn to lie at a very young age…as a matter of survival. The twisted nature and audacity of these arguments betray the fact that the few expressing them are accustomed to never having to answer to any dissenting argument-their statements automatically accepted as above reproach, no matter how unlikely or even impossible; the very honor on which such immunity is based is undeserved. I am fond of saying “Respect; If you don’t command it, don’t demand it.”

On the other side of the issue, many outraged pro-democracy supporters demanded a true investigation by someone outside of the group of apologists and perpetrators of the heinous crime. The idea that only police have the qualifications to investigate themselves is outrageous. The fact that ‘law enforcement’ operates as an anti-democracy agency and places itself above the law was made very clear by the statements they make as well as by their actions. Putting the slayed child ‘on trial’ in such a hearing after he has already been tried, convicted and executed by some IQ capped* policeman is not only a despicable affront to democracy itself but also clear evidence that we cannot depend on police for protection and explains why this country has such a huge crime rate while our jails and prisons are filled to the bursting point with petty offenders and totally innocent people that cops decided they didn’t like the looks of**. Our prisons and jails are filled at a rate that far surpasses that of any other country on earth, both per capita and in raw numbers. Several people tonight voiced a commonly held belief that police should receive more training and learn better negotiating skills and more non lethal forms of ‘defense’. It was also noted that the police were not protecting anyone when this child was shot, almost certainly including the officer who unloaded the fatal round into young Mr. Burgess’ heart.

*“IQ capped”; The practice of barring intelligent people from becoming police officers. One man sued the New London, Connecticut police department after he was rejected for scoring too high on an IQ test in one high profile case. He lost in federal court which stated that it was not discrimination since it was applied to all police officer applicants. If you go to this link on the story you will also find that the test is standard and given in police departments all over.

**”Profiling”; The practice of targeting people based on a dress code, skin color, economic status or other superficial attributes.

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