Cotton Day is Monday Aug. 9, 2010 - watch VIDEO now!


All i can say is wow.. One time I was drinking with some friends on MY PROPERTY and as the night proceeded I had to urinate...I thought it would be fine to simply go on a tree on MY PROPERTY but according to officer Siipola apparently not.  I was arrested and beatin badly during the time of my arrested.  Whoever says handcuffs don't leave scars is a liar! I was treated unfair. WOW what a night thanks to the EPD and Siipola.

so he can go to Afghanistan and torture and murder people there!  Recently, Martin Cotton's family's lawyers agreed to dismissing Joshua Siipola from the case, so as not to have to postpone the trial... Siipola is "being redployed" and will continue his violence (as a Marine) in an invasion of a far away land and people.