Young Mexican Man KILLED by Mendocino Sheriff's Officer: Don't Believe the Cops' Lies!

Redwood Curtain CopWatch just received a call about a young man who was murdered by a Mendocino Sheriff's Officer.  This is a quick alert- more will come later regarding the truth of what happened, and possibly urgings to you to support the family and get the truth out.

The Mendo cops will not give the name of the Sheriff officer who killed Angel Hernandez Farias, 24 years old. Locals believe, however, that the KILLER Sheriff officer's name is Bruce Smith. The papers, always parroting the press release from the MURDERER COPS, has said that the man who was killed pointed a rifle at the cop.  NOT TRUE.  Not only did the man not have a RIFLE, but he was shot IN THE BACK, running away.  The media has repeated the cops' lie that the man had no identification (and has tried to tie the man in with- you guessed it- the Mexican Mafia), but the man had ID on him and was a 'simple' person trying to survive.  Angel was shot around 7:30am in the morning on Tuesday, but a local in the area (who heard about it in the morning) watched the helicopter lift him out of the woods at about 1:30 in the afternoon!!  Reminiscent of the cops shooting Leonard "Acorn" Peters in the same Covelo area (you may remember the Bear Lincoln trial in the 1990's), we know that the cops let Acorn bleed to death.  They deliberately stalled getting Acorn to medical care, and let him die.

That is sadly what appears to have happened here.

Officer Bruce Smith is one of two Mendo Sheriff's cops who have dogs, and the cop who killed Angel Farias had a dog with him.  Bruce Smith killed another man in 1989- perhaps a big reason the murderous authorities won't give his name up -yet.

More TRUTH on this later.  Here's the pathetic, no investigative work, mainstream, rewrite-the-cop's-story  so-called "news"paper's article:

Please send your prayers and good thoughts for Angel's spirit and for his family.

In the urban setting of Eureka, cops torture and kill people in the streets and in their homes- and cover it up.  In the rural settings, cops torture and kill people in the woods, in their homes- and cover it up.  Are we gonna get together and stop this?

"We're fired up!  We won't take it no more!"