Humboldt Sheriff’s Telling Poor People in Garberville that they “will be arrested if they are sitting anywhere in town.”

So today, July 14th, the Mateel meal (free cooked meal) was held at the Vet’s park across the street from the bookstore in Garberville (because the Mateel kitchen staff is down at the reggae site). Police (Humboldt County Sheriff’s Dept) arrived and told people that the Veteran’s have said they don’t want anyone sitting in the park, that they want it cleared out. People asked where they could go and there were no places. Police said they will arrest people who are sitting in town anywhere.

One of the people who cooks the Mateel meal reported that when she asked Deputy Ken Swithenbank where people could EAT, he responded, “They can go a day without food.”

A call was made by a caring resident (and business owner) in the area about the cops’ Vet’s Hall claim. The call went to Brian Ormond, who is supposedly the vet in charge, but he is out of town till Monday.

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Kenny Swithenbank is a notoriously corrupt, abusive, uneducated, ignorant whore.  He has repeatedly violated peoples civil rights by harassing them, arresting them without cause, and making illegal threats.  He should be removed from the HCSO and charged with corruption by the Attorney General.  There is no law against sitting in the park and Kenny violated the Constitutional rights of his victims by ordering them to leave the park and threatening to arrest them for sitting.
That insensitive sociopath never misses a meal, and I don't think he could go one day without food.

Well said.

If you've read San Francisco know that there is a controversial proposed law on the Novemeber ballot....  The so-called  "Sit/Lie" law.

I've provided a link to the campaign "against" sit/lie law. Progressive supervisors resisted an attempt by the SFPD and the mayor's office to pass a law without going to the vote.

Stand Against Sit Lie

Jun 8, 2010 ... It explains some of the history of sit/lie laws in San Francisco. .... but it certainly will mark a significant step in this campaign and we ... - Cached
My friend, Andy Blue, is heading the campaign against.
George Shieman   Eureka/San Francisco

Great new website for StandAgainstSitLie campaign..

scroll down through the homepage for great cartoons and photos, etc.

San Francisco

George Shieman  Eureka/SanFrancisco