Report of July 8th Hearing on Murder Complaints filed by MOVE

Here's what happened at the hearing on our murder complaints, no surprise.  This explains why MOVE takes the position we do against this rotten system, and why anybody that stills has faith in it is foolish---Ramona


As most of you no doubt know by now, we had a hearing in court today, July 8th, on the murder complaints that we filed against officials involved in the May 1985 bombing and murder of innocent MOVE family members. The issue is very simple and very clear. Officials deliberately dropped a C4 bomb on our home and the bomb ignited a fire which officials deliberately refused to put out. When we attempted to get out of the blazing inferno, cops deliberately shot at us to try to prevent any of us from surviving. As a result of this, eleven innocent MOVE men, women, children and numerous animals were literally burned alive and found to have bullet fragments in their bodies from police gunfire. Not one single official in these past twenty-five years was ever charged with murdering our family. I’m the only one to be charged with anything and imprisoned. We, the MOVE family, filed private criminal murder complaints against officials responsible for the murder of our family.  The district attorney’s office refused our complaints so we appealed to common pleas court. Judge Frank Palumbo refused our complaints, adhearing to assistant district attorney William James’ arguments that it’s been twenty-five years and “it wouldn’t be in the interest of the commonwealth” to persue these charges. This is not surprising but it is unacceptable and we are appealing Palumbo’s decision. There is no statute of limitations on murder in Pennsylvania and how can it not be in the interest of the commonwealth, the people, to prosecute obvious murderers? The MOVE 9 have been in prison for thirty-two years for the false accusation of killing a cop even though officials destroyed the scene of the crime within hours of arresting my family and even though the trial judge stated after convicting and sentencing my family to thirty to one-hundred years that he didn’t have the faintest idea who killed that cop and the trajectory of the fatal bullet proves that MOVE didn’t kill him. The murder of my family was witnessed around the world. There is no question about who murdered innocent MOVE family members yet the didtrict attorney’s office refuses to prosecute these official murderers. The didtrict attorney’s office fights everyday to prosecute people, even when they have little to no evidence against the person. In this case, however, the district attorney’s office is fighting tooth and nail to keep from prosecuting these official murderers. Why? They are telling people very clearly that cops and officials can murder people, burn people alive, including babies, and not be held accountable but if anybody is even suspected of killing a cop or official they’ll be hunted down and punished to the harshest extent possible. People need to take this seriously and people should be outraged about it. How many times does this system have to tell people that our lives are worth nothing, that only the lives of rich folks, cops and officials mean anything or are worth anything? Officials accuse MOVE of being violent, confrontational and having no respect for their legal system. MOVE have never been violent but we do believe in the instinctive right of self defense which has nothing at all to do with being violent. We will always confront anybody that attacks us or tries to hurt us or any family member and I defy anybody to prove that to be wrong, and why would anybody have respect for a system that has always shown itself to be racist, unjust and vicious. People wonder why we of MOVE take the strong position we do against this rotten system, why we come after it the way we do, well the position of district attorney Seth Williams and judge Frank Palumbo tells you why. MOVE is always gonna fight injustice, we ain’t never gonna stop, and if our enemy labels our fight criminal or illegal, so what. What would you expect from your enemy?


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