Daniel Sylvester Was Tased to Death by Cops after he backed away saying "Leave me alone, I am scared."

l spoke to Daniel (tasered man)'s Mom.  She said when the cops arrived Daniel was outside, calm at the time... The cops said something and Daniel said "Leave me alone," and backed away from the cops saying "Leave me alone, I am scared."

The cops had no reason to draw the taser at all at this point. The cops follow Daniel into his home with taser drawn and started tasing. Mom said Daniel did not attack the cops..... Who knows what fiasco started after the tasing begain... It turns into a frenzy by the cops....
Thank God there are witnesses to this. There needs to be training in de-escalation.. instead they escalate situations...Daniel Sylvester did not need to die,, deserve to die.. The family did not deserve this grief.
Mom will be ready to speak out soon. 
--from Lenda Beck, June 24, 2010
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