Redwood Curtain CopWatch Email: Eureka Police Steal Houseless People's Possessions!

From: redwood curtain copwatch  
Date: Tue, Jun 8, 2010 at 9:35 PM
Preserve and Return Property Taken by EPD today


Chief Nielsen,

J and R, a married couple, own the following property which was taken by EPD officer(s) between the hours of 3:00pm and 8:15pm today, June 8, 2010:

Grey and Blue Tent and Rainfly (new, cost $50.00)
Five blankets
1 large Stoker's tobacco can
10 smaller cans of chewing tobacco
Full purple backpack
Full green backpack
Full long black bag with wheels
Two Mickey Mouse pillows
Two Flashlights
Prescription Medications (prescribed to R)
About 5-6 dollars in change
Clothes, feminine items, flag, other personal items
Orange and Black Daypack


You and I spoke at 8:46pm tonight about this matter. This email is further notice that the Eureka Police Department [EPD] must be sure to preserve the above property, belonging to J and R, and return it to them on request- swiftly, without hassle or intimidation. You assured me that no one would be retaliated against or intimidated when they go to retrieve their property.


It is my understanding (which I expressed to you on the phone) that EPD officers took the property of *other *people today. It is unconscionable and violates International Law and U.S. and California Constitutional Law for officers to steal, destroy, or otherwise violate the property/possessionsof people as they did today and do on a regular basis.A camping ordinance neither makes it legal nor humane for police to steal the only warmth, survival gear, and other personal possessions that people have.


I also informed you tonight over the phone that EPD officers tell many people when they take their possessions, that they will be trashing and/or destroying the possessions they are taking. Other times, the police do not hesitate to destroy tents and other survival gear right there in front of the owner(s), leaving them with nothing- no protection from the elements, etc. You indicated in our phone communication tonight that EPD inventories and puts into "property" the things EPD officers take from people.


Thank you for your immediate attention to the matter of preserving the property of J and R, and anyone else who's possessions were taken today- and in the future. Likely, more people will be coming to claim property if it is stolen by EPD.


Kimberly Starr


Note from Redwood Curtain CopWatch:  Names of people who's property was stolen have
been omitted to prevent retaliation from Eureka Police officers

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