Justice for Oscar Grant! June 14th Killer Cop's Murder Trial Begins!!

Justice for Oscar Grant!
Murdered by BART Officer Johannes Mehserle

All out to Court 
Monday June 14th!  Starting at 7am, come thru all day!

1st Day of Murder Trial for killer cop Johannes Mehserle
LA Superior Court:  210 w Temple St, Downtown LA 
(Between Broadway & Spring)

- New Years Day 2009 - Johannes Mehserle shoots Oscar Grant
in the back while laying on the ground.
- Many witness videos on Youtube! Search: Oscar Grant
- Mehserle quits BART police and flees to Nevada.
- Oakland RISES UP!! Community protests lead to Mehserle¹s arrest.
- Trial moved to LA... Cover up??
- Mehserle needs to be put in jail for murder!
- LA!! We must stand beside Oakland and demand justice for Oscar!!
for Oscar's friends, who cops beat and arrested that day.
They're still being harassed!
for Oscar's 4 year old daughter, girlfriend, mother & family.
for all stolen lives!

Victories so far:
- Mehserle is the 1st cop in CA history to be tried
for on-duty murder!
- Accessories to murder Officers Pirone & Domenici both FIRED!
- BART PD Chief Forced to Resign!
- Oakland PD Chief Forced to Resign!
- Alameda County District Attorney Forced to Resign!

LA Coalition for Justice for Oscar Grant

Meetings: Every Sunday - 5pm
@ Chuco's Justice Center
1137 e Redondo Blvd
Inglewood, CA 90302

(213) 973-3434

Email: WeAreAllOscarGrant@gmail.com

Facebook SEARCH: LA Coalition for Oscar Grant



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