May 12, 2010 Activities To Mark 25 Years Since Govn't. Bombing and Murder of MOVE Family

ONA MOVE, Everybody!  Attached is a flyer about our May 12, 2010 activities to mark 25 years since the governmental bombing and murder of our MOVE family.  We're also urging you if you are a family member or friend of a victim of police terrorism/murder to join us.  If you know the family or friends of victims of police terrorism/murder, urge them to come out on the 12th.  If we truly want to stop police terrorism/murder than we have to work to do it.  Talking, complaining about it is not gonna do it.  ONA MOVE----Ramona



This year marks 25 Years since the bombing of our Family!  At 9:00am MOVE is delivering MURDER charges to The Courts on May 12th, Charging officials with the Vicious Murder of 11 Innocent MOVE family members!  There will be a 10:00 am press conference at The AFSC, located at 15th & Cherry Sts., about the Murder Complaints. Immediately following the press conference, everyone will participate in a Honk Against Police Terror @ City Hall from 3pm to 5pm, following that is a Rally Demonstration March from City Hall to the African-American Museum for a 6:00 pm program , located at: 7th & Arch Sts., which includes, the screening of 2 Films On MOVE.  And joining the program will be Journalist Linn Washington, and Freedom Fighter Fred Hampton Jr..  On Sunday, May 16th, at 2:00pm there will be a Children’s Play performed by the MOVE children at The Rotunda, located at 40th& Walnut Sts., directly behind the Bridge Movie Theatre. 
For more INFO please contact:

P.O. BOX 19709
PHILA., PA. 19143
215 387-4107


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