Community Organizer Discussion with Malik Rahim, Friday April 30th

Community Organizer's discussion with guest, Malik Rahim (co-founder Common Ground Collective/Relief/Health Clinics) on Friday the 30th, at the BSS Native Forum at Humboldt State University at 1:00 p.m.

Malik doesn't make it out this way very often, especially to rural areas in the west.

His history includes organizing for peace as a veteran, fighting for justice as a Black Panther, organizing for housing rights as a community organizer, and advocating for the incarcerated both while inside, and as they transition out of the institutions. He has also ran for mayor and City Council in New Orleans.

This long list is to say nothing of his tenure as a relief organizer, or his co-founding of Common Ground Collective, Common Ground Relief, and Common Ground Health Clinics.

Malik's famous and dignified interview with Amy Goodman that literally uncovered a man's abandoned body in the streets of New Orleans–exposed some of the horrific scenes that African American people endured in the aftermath of Katrina, and initiated an international response to communities in the Gulf.

Click HERE to view or download the flier for Malik's presentation at HSU, on Thursday.