Statement from Three Arrestees in the Seattle Police Brutality Demonstration of April 9, 2010

Call for Courtroom Solidarity

 Five protesters were arrested during the April 9 Anti-Police Brutality demonstration in Seattle, WA. This is a statement from three who were arrested at the same time on Capitol Hill.


 After more than 15 hours of being detained in precinct holding cells and county jail facilities, we were released into the early morning hours of Saturday, April 10th. We wish to extend immense thanks and gratitude to our powerful, all-volunteer jail support team who rushed to post our bail, minutes before the deadline – even putting a car up for collateral. We also thank the circles of family and friends who gathered around telephones to support us, and each other. Though we were confined for only a short period of time (compared to some of our cell-mates who were facing months or years of imprisonment), our hearts were nonetheless overjoyed to enter the cool night air. As we gazed into the dawn sky, we were greeted by a crowd of new and old friends alike.  


We would not like to make any statements regarding the events of that Friday except to assert our innocence regarding our alleged crimes and to make known our injuries sustained from the police.  Two of us are being charged with misdemeanor assault, while the third is facing two misdemeanors of obstruction and resisting arrest.  During the arrest incident, the first of us was pinned to the sidewalk before being lifted across the street by his handcuffs. He sustained injuries to his wrists, legs and feet, with continuing numbness in his hands. The second arrestee had her face repeatedly shoved into the pavement and knelt on, receiving massive bruising and lacerations to her face and head. She was punched in the right eye, while her arms were pulled to her back and her legs kicked and stepped on. The third of us was, after being forced to lie prone on the ground, repeatedly kicked and kneed in the back and side of the head.  After being dragged into the street this arrestee was let fall unconscious to the pavement after requesting to be allowed to sit down.


It is times like these when we realize how quickly the air we breathe is becoming increasingly thin, that we are being fooled into thinking our dizziness is an abnormal condition. We see clearly that a world of opportunity exists for us only insofar as we have the funds to purchase it, and that we can exercise all the freedom we desire so long as we keep our mouths tightly closed and our feet on the sidewalk. We are the crowning node of a greater social claustrophobia which clamors to be set free.


We stand tall, arms linked in solidarity with the other two protesters wrongfully arrested during the April 9th Seattle demonstration, as well as those  in Olympia on the evening of April 8th, and in Portland on March 29th.


Join us in court to show your support and to decry the randomized prosecution of people who peaceably dissent against police violence.


9:00AM on Tuesday, April 13:

Court #302 (3rd floor)

Municipal Court of the City of Seattle at the Seattle Justice Center, 600 5th Ave, Seattle WA.

Court Info: 206.684.5600 


We request that all those who wish to attend dress and behave in a way that supports us by showing respect for the court. This will help us prove our innocence and the integrity of our characters.


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