Drop All Charges Against Holly Works!

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Holly Works
is the last remaining defendant of the "Oakland 100," who were the victims of a vicious and arbitrary police crackdown against the protests in Oakland over the police murder of Oscar Grant, on New Years Day, 2009.  Felony charges, and years behind bars, still face her, but... Holly is innocent!     (See below for more on Holly, and on Oscar Grant)

Demonstrate & Attend Holly's Trial!   Monday, April 5th, 2010

    8 AM - demonstrate to drop the charges!  
     9 AM - attend Holly's trial

Alameda County Courthouse,
12th & Oak St, Oakland

Directions by BART:
Exit at 12th St, downtown Oakland.
>From the 12th Street Station, walk down 12th toward Lake Merritt.
Demonstrate, and enter court, at 12th and Oak.
(12th is a one-way street... walk in the direction against traffic)

Holly Works A local musician and activist, Holly and a friend were walking to the protest against the police murder of Oscar Grant, but... She was arrested before she even arrived at the protest, and at least an hour before the protest had started!  She was detained and fraudulently charged with… assault with a deadly weapon on a police officer!

This frame-up is ridiculous, since Holly is a small person, weighing perhaps half of what the large cop whom she's accused of attacking weighs!  

Originally charged with assaulting the cop with a knife, Holly had no knife, and so a convenient change was made.  Since she had a screw driver in her purse, Holly was accused of using this to assault the officer.  

A total fabrication, this charge was made up by the police to tie up protesters with time-consuming prosecutions. Holly was victimized partly in order to blame violence on out-of-town white radicals, "anarchists,"  etc., who it is said came into Oakland to make trouble.  But Holly is a local Oakland activist!  She was walking from her home, just a few blocks away from where she was arrested.  And she didn't do anything!

Oscar Grant  was a young black retail grocery worker in Oakland, and the father of a young daughter.  He was out with friends for New Years Eve, 2009, when he and some others were detained by BART police.  He was shot in the back at point blank range by a BART cop, as he lay face-down on the Fruitvale station platform early in the morning.  

Cell-phone videos taken of the incident by witnesses on the station platform were posted on the internet, and protests erupted in Oakland. Over a week later, the officer, Johannes Mehserle, was finally charged with murder.  He was one of the very few police officers ever to be charged with murder in one of the huge number of killings of black males by police in California.  Mehserle was granted a change of venue, and is now being tried in Los Angeles.


Alameda County Court house,
8 AM, Monday April 5th 2010,
12th and Oak St,  Oakland.

- The Labor Action Committee To Free Mumia Abu-Jamal
PO Box 16222 • Oakland CA 94610 • 510 763-2347
www.laboractionmumia.org <http://www.laboractionmumia.org/> .  29 March 2010