Taser Evidence Mysteriously Lost- Lenda Beck's Letter to the Editor, March 2010

Below is a letter that I wrote to editor concerning the state of affairs with law enforcement. and replying to a letter. City and County did away with the taser evidence from when the cops tried to kill my son. There were three tasers deployed. They said one taser was broken, and my son had to pay for it to be repaired. Now all the evidence has disappeared. I filed and administrative law suit with in 6 months of the incident. His belongings that he was booked with  also disappeared. These items probably contained evidence of the brutality that happened that night.


Mr. Cuthbertson, Your intuition sucks, you should be getting mad at the ones sworn to up hold the law but do not, let’s say drunk driving. I and CHP went to the Sheriff that you mentioned in your letter, in 1986 to reprimand him for arriving on the scene of an accident in Klamath very intoxicated. The firefighters were informed by the fire chief  to look at this staggering sheriff.   I have wrote this story before. I guess it is ok for some to break the law and get by with it? So Mr. Cuthbertson which category does this put you in?


Yes law enforcement is difficult but the officers know what they are getting into when they begin the job, and brutalization nor lying should not be apart of it. One officer is named in several law suits because of his unlawful actions. What does this tell you; well it should say there is a pattern of misbehavior. Theses officers should be weeded out.


We have some very wonderful officers, Grant Henderson is a model officer, never hear a complaint against this man. Majority are fine and upstanding, but when you get an officer tasing a man when other officers are presently tasing the man already in cuffs, this is excessive by any standard. This is what I talk about and this must stop. Law suits will break this county if they keep coming and they will if people’s civil rights continue to be violated.


Our department seems to loose evidence. I can tell many stories about fouled up evidence, this is criminal in itself. I have seen this with my own eyes, I do not have room here to tell all, although the many letters that I have wrote have told the stories that I personally know of.


Sorry if this makes you mad. If you go along with these brutal actions, do not believe it happens, or just think it is justifiable to beat the scumbag up, then so be it,. I do not like hearing that a wedding ring was stolen from and dead person by his grieving wife, or Drug task force stealing drugs after their grand busts or sheriffs driving drunk. When the Watchdogs get letters and calls about abuse happening, we will act on it. Equal justice and law for all.

Lenda Beck

PO Box 339

Crescent City, CA

Watch Dogs New Number 707 457 2098