Letter to DA by Jane Doe

written December 2006 (author Jane Doe?), less than a month before Terry Liles killed Zachary Cooke, who had just turned 18 years old; after killing 2 teens, Liles was made a leader of the Gang Task Force!!!

It is with great sadness that i am writing to you demanding the resignation of EPD Officer Terry Liles for his direct responsibility in the shooting death of 16 year old Chris Burgess. In this incident, Liles failed to exhaust any other non-lethal means of pursuit and apprehension before resorting to lethal means. This indicates that Liles is not skilled in non-lethal and non-intrusive methods of outreach to troubled youth populations.

People demand that taxpayer supported police officers remain accountable for their actions and can remain calm and safe in tense situations. Chasing a 16 year old into a ravine is clearly not a reason to use lethal means. If Officer Terry Liles is overly concerned about being attacked by the teenagers he pursues, perhaps a less demanding job will be better suited for his personality.

Justice will be served when Terry Liles appears in court for homicide and resigns from the EPD.

Thank you for your concern,

Jane Doe

(BTW - This thread has strayed from the original topic of the EPD shooting death of Cheri Moore. This isn't intentional as police brutality in Eureka region appears to be becoming a pattern, first Cheri Moore, then Chris Burgess. Serious changes are needed to address rampant police brutality, including questioning the need for a lethally armed police force. Community organizations can and will render armed police obsolete, when people realize that state methods of law enforcement only serve the power consolidation of the ruling elites. We hope and pray for a day when police officers can lay down their badge and guns and rejoin the community as aware and educated human beings..)

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