Democracy Across Prison Walls

Invitation from Bar None, a local prisoner support and prison abolitionist
group that has been around for over 10 years!! Here are their website and
myspace addresses:

You are invited to join us on March 4, 5:30-7 pm for a presentation by Cynthia Chandler and a board member from the organization Justice Now!

Justice Now is an Oakland based group that organizes with people housed in women's prisons; provides legal services for prisoners and works with prisoners; their families and community members on political education and mobilizing campaigns around issues that affect people living in women's prisons.

The talk is called "Democracy Across Prison Walls" because Cynthia will also be talking about the unique ways that Justice Now is organized to give equal minimum representation on its board of directors to people who are currently behind bars.

Cynthia will also be talking about the ways that the state has twisted feminist language in order to justify building more and higher tech women's prisons.

Misty is a former prisoner who will be interrogating the relationship between domestic violence and the prison system.  Check out Justice Now's website at

The talk will be on the HSU campus, in BSS 166, aka The Native Forum (in the new building on the top of Union street). It's free!

Hope to see you all soon!
Bar None Collective


from the Flier:

Cynthia Chandler is a prison industrial complex abolitionist, writer, speaker, and social justice entrepreneur. Cynthia has worked on issues of women’s health and prison abolition for over 15 years. She is the co-founder and Executive Director of Justice Now, a human rights organization dedicated to partnering with people in women’s prisons and local communities to build a safe, compassionate world without prisons. Justice Now is the first legal clinic program focused on abolition and women in prison, the first program internationally to train people in prison on international human rights, and leads the show in partnering with people in prison to generate human rights reports. By focusing on the experience of people housed in women’s prisons, Cynthia Chandler will provide critical insight and perspective on several volatile issues in the United States – the right to gender expression and interrogating stratified gender roles, women’s health and the impact of HIV, and gendered and racialized violence. Cynthia will also give a history of Justice Now’s unique democratic organization strategies involving both people serving time and people on the outside.

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