Oscar Grant's Daughter Gets $1.5 million Lawsuit Settlement



Tatiana Grant, 5 years old, daughter of Sophina Mesa and Oscar Grant.

There has been a civil lawsuit SETTLEMENT for Tatiana Grant, Oscar's 5 year old daughter.  Oscar's Mother still has a lawsuit against the Oakland BART cops, as do the 5 young men, close friends, who were with Oscar when he was murdered. The young men recieved abuse themselves and witnessed the cops execute their friend who was laying on his stomach in handcuffs.


The criminal lawsuit against BART cop, Johannes Mehserle, who abused and then shot Oscar Grant on Jan 1, 2009, is still proceeding in Los Angeles. It is the first EVER murder case against a cop in the United States. The murder of Oscar was caught on video.  The other BART cops were also abusive (and racist) and played a role in Oscar's death.


Oscar Grant's Daughter Wins $1.5 Million Settlement


New America Media/ YO! Youth Outlook, VIDEO, Ann Bassette & Min Lee, Posted: Jan 29, 2010  

Editor's Note: One year after a BART police officer fatally shot 22-year-old Oscar Grant, BART reached a $1.5 million settlement with the mother of his five-year-old daughter. Grant's daughter will be supported by a $1.5 million trust fund to be paid out throughout the next twenty-five years. New America Media caught up with John Burris, attorney for the Oscar Grant family, for his reaction.

Go to Link to see short video with Attorney, John Burris.

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