STATEMENT from MOVE prisoners Debbi Sims Africa, Janine Phillips Africa, Merle Austin Africa, and Janet Holloway Africa

[Editor's note: Since this statement was written, Merle Austin Africa joined the ancestors. She died in prison, March 13, 1998.]

Excerpts from John Africa's Teaching (in italics):

Revolution is not a word but an application, it is not war but peace, it does not weaken it strengthens, revolution does not cause separation it generates togetherness, ... revolution is an activity, a generating force that continues generating, continues activating, continues togetherness, solidarity will never be realized so long as geography is imperative, solidarity is unity, without unity you can 't have revolution, ... revolution is organization just as solidarity is togetherness,... the word people should be a symbol of identity which should unite people and dispel war but to call everybody a person and go to war against people is to say that people are compelled to conflict makin peace hopeless and everything people are striving to make, to have, to be, ... if we expect to accomplish the defeat of oppression, we are going to have to understand the power of assertion, a single mind is an assertive mind, when we think as one we are as no other, when we think as one another we're defeated because one is one and another is something other than one, this ain't no word game, revolution is not a game no more than words are innocent, ... solidarity ain't a word, solidarity is a principle that exists despite words, and will exist when words have ceased, ... revolution ain't a principle that is applied when the oppressor is oppressing, revolution is the principle of freedom even when the oppressor does not exist, revolution simply means to revolute, activate, generate, move, so long as you are moving you are free but when you are not moving you are in bondage, a revolutionary is very simply the person that understands revolution, the person that understands to move is to be fit, to be fit is to be strong, to be strong is to demonstrate strong committment to the principle of strength, the principle of fitness, the principle of revolution, the principle of freedom.... when oppression oppresses people to revolt, the way of true revolution is to press on with examples of revolution so that when a people rebel they will not be discouraged by seein no way out except to go back to the very adversary they're rebelling against, ... a revolution must then be willing to apply this principle so that people can be set to one aim, the aim of revolution for it is this single aim that will thrust you onward when all else fails, when people are divided commitment is severed and the aim is divided, it is necessary to understand this when involving ourselves in revolution, many aims drawing from one energy source defeats this source by exhausting its energy, one aim is all powerful when all energy is concentrated in one, ... the total aim is as raw power, for the total aim is total energy, totality directed one wall and when this is understood in conjunction with the oppressed s restrained, it is understood that as total direction the oppressed thee restrained have total power that must be directed in the way of revolution with understanding that the restrained and oppressed is like a dammed up wild river that is only to be turned loose and directed, a strategic revolutionary is the pivotal point in a restrained society that pivots the restrained in the way of revolution by informing the restrained of the power of freedom through examples of freedom against examples of slavery, ... a single bullet from a gun will knock you down but spread the powder from that bullet to five other bullets and the single bullet has lost its punch for you no longer have one strong bullet you have five weak bullets and when called on to do the work necessary in revolution the gun will fail you because the power of the bullet have been split five ways and will fall short of its target, this is when the principle of revolution, oppressed people is like a single bullet and Mien aimed correctly will knock down thee oppressor without fail....

This is from the teaching of John Africa.
Long live John Africa the coordinator forever!

The MOVE organization is trained to be detailed, thorough, strategic minded and aggressive, MOVE is strong willed, clear visioned, one minded, true in dedication, MOVE don't stagger, waver, stumble or fall short, with the MOVE organization a step forward is a step gained and a step lost for the svstem because the MOVE organization will not take a step backwards, our aim is revolution, our trust is momma, our drive is consistency, our target this system and we will not be stopped for we have the courage of life, the understanding of true law and the power of god in both fists.... end quote John Africa, Long live John Africa!

Move people ain't in prison for committing no crime, we ain't criminals, we're in prison for putting out the truth about this corrupt government, for confronting this lying murdering government uncompromisingly. The above ground chapter of THE MOVE ORGANIZATION has been in Phila. for over 20 years and in these 20 years, nobody has ever heard of MOVE people murdering raping or robbing nobody. MOVE people ain't got no history of crime, the only example people see in MOVE is revolution, all people ever hear about MOVE or see MOVE do is confront injustice, police brutality, corrupt politicians and judges and fight against the abuse and exploitation of all forms of life. All people hear about this government thorough or see in this government is corruption, oppression, murder, theft, fraud, lies and disappointment. Everybody complains about this rotten government yet this government have labeled MOVE as criminal and people believe them. Phila. officials got warrants from Phila. judges to put up a starvation blockade around our house in 1978 knowing there were pregnant women and breast-feeding women in the house and the police brutally beat and arrested anybody who tried to give us food. Phila. officials got illegal warrants from Phila. judges to send in their cops to attack our house at 3:00 in the morning on 8-8-78. The cops in their frenzy to kill MOVE people, ended up shooting their own police and firemen and killing one of their cops. Then Phila. officials took MOVE in front of these same Phila. judges who framed us, charged us with murder, sentenced us to a total of 900 years in prison when these judges didn't see MOVE do a damn thing, said we had a fair trial and people believed this. That's why for 16 years MOVE people have had to burn energy giving people information and details about the MOVE 9 situation to convince people that MOVE is innocent and this government is lying. People shouldn't be demanding that MOVE explain our position people should be demanding that this government explain its persecution of MOVE. People should be demanding this government explain how Judge Malmed sentenced 9 people to 30 100 years each in prison for the shooting of one cop, one time with one bullet. People should be demanding this government explain how MOVE people were convicted at all when the judge admitted on national radio the day after sentencing MOVE to prison, that he didn't know who shot that cop 8-8-78. Yet this ain't the case, this system lied and said MOVE is guilty and people have taken the system's word. People have accepted the word of known liars as if it is the truth. Everybody knows MOVE is against this system and everybody knows what this system does to people who go against it. This ain't just a MOVE issue, this is an issue of the oppressed against the oppressor. Whenever people fight against oppression, the oppressor has historically used the same tactic: beat' em into submission, if this don't work they exterminate those that are courageous enough to fight and those that escape being murdered are labeled as criminals and put into jail until they are too old to fight anymore or for the rest of their lives. This is the tactic this system has been implementing since its inception and people have got to stop being duped by this government. The black South Africans didn't listen to the oppressive government of South Africa when they labeled the freedom fighters in that country as criminals. The black slaves in this country didn't believe the slave-masters when they said Nat Turner was a criminal. Americans didn't listen to the British government when they said the American revolutionaries were criminal for going against the king of England. It's no way the oppressed should be taking the word of the oppressor over somebody who is being oppressed just like them. Its like a Jew taking Hitler's word over another Jew during the holocaust. John Africa teaches that the weapon this system uses to do this is "divide and conquer." As long as this system can keep people disjointed and fighting among themselves their energy will be divided and their focus will never be on the real enemy, this system. It's time people unite, take a stand against injustice by not feeding this system their strength. Demand these judges give answers, speak to the wrong they're doing to people, push them to do what's right. Make these judges qualify how they can sentence poor unofficial people to 5, 10, 20, 100 years in prison for a crime they didn't see, just on the word of a cop and then acquit cops that are caught on TV brutally beating, and attempting to murder people, like the cops that beat Delbert Africa and Rodney King. People should do whatever yall gotta do to get justice and don't stop till you get it. People gotta stop believing these judges is right, just, fair, because until you do, you're always gong to have judges sanctioning May 13th bombings, Rodney King beatings, the extermination of the SLA, the Black Panthers, Wounded Knee, and another whole race of people virtually extinct and enslaved on reservations like the government has the American Indians.

As long as we are MOVE members there is no legal justice in this system for MOVE and the only way they're gonna do right by MOVE is through pressure, is if people put pressure on this government to do what's right, because legally they never had a case to begin with. People can put pressure on officials through consistent action by writing letters to politicians; making phone calls to Penna. Sen. Arlen Spector and Phil. D.A. Lynn Abraham, or writing the judge, Joseph Papalini, himself and tell him how you feel as a MOVE supporter, or as a concerned citizen who believes in what's right. At this point Judge Joseph Papalini (PCRA Unit, 758 City Hall, Phila. Pa. 19107), is the judge that will hear PCRA-appellate hearings. They are being scheduled for the MOVE 9 sometime this year. Papalini has the authority to do whatever he wants to do:

  1. Reverse Judge Malmed's guilty verdict and release all MOVE members immediately based on non-effective evidence.
  2. Give us another trial.
  3. Reduce the sentence or give us time served.

The decision is in his hands. MOVE is not guilty of nothing wrong. We are not in prison because we allegedly killed nobody. We are in prison because we are MOVE members and that's what people need to understand. If anybody should be in prison, it is those Phila. city officials and cops who cold bloodily murdered 11 MOVE people on May 13, 1985, including children on Osage Ave. in the face of the world, but they are walking the streets and have never been arrested. MOVE people are political prisoners. MOVE is not a threat to the people. Once agin, these officials are being given the opportunity to do their job, to do right by MOVE or once again admit that this system of american democracy is a failure, unjust, prejudiced religious persecutors, wrong. To quote John Africa, quote,

... When an innocent person is sent to prison like guilty the principle of innocence is under attack and the innocence of all innocent is assaulted, an innocent example is a free example, those who are silent about the condition of the innocent is silent about the position of freedom, when innocence is jailed it ain't just John Brown that is jailed, freedom is jailed because freedom does not stop with John Brown's mother ...

end quote John Africa

Long Live John Africa Forever!


In MOVE law we trust!
All praises to the order of life!
The power of truth is final!
Long live MOVE!
Long live John Africa's Revolution!
Long live John Africa!
Long live John Africa!
Long live John Africa the coordinator forever!

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