Petition by a Friend

*RIP Christopher Arrion Burgess*
16 Year old boy, shot and killed by Eureka P.D.! After a chase on foot! He was shot 3 times in the chest by an assault rifle fired by a Eureka police officer! 5 shots were fired at close range 2 shots missed! Chris was pronounced dead at the scene of the crime 2:23pm Monday October 23rd 2006! He was unarmed! Chris was a runaway, violation of his 6 year probation which he got when he was 10 years old for brining a pocket knife to school! Ever since then he has been in and out of foster homes, group homes, juvenile hall for things like running away from homes!
*quotes from close friends and family*

"My best friend got shot and killed by the people who are suppose to keep us safe!"

- Laurie Tatom

"The last thing that we said was we loved each other!"

- Girlfriend Angel Omstead

"We were watching a movie at my aunts house and three probation officers walked in and said."What's up Chris?" Then started macing us."

- Angel Omstead

"This country detaches itself from displaced children. They say it takes a community to raise a child? Well, where's the community?"

- Marjorie Burgess

"Chris was there for his family when they needed it and he always gave me his last dollars. I can't believe he is gone!"

- Lee Conoboy (His Youngest brother!)

The Eureka P.D. has shamed our community and made our streets feel unsafe with the presence of officers!
Officer Profiles: