Days of Action Against Police Brutality! Oct. 22nd & 23rd


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Statement by Carl Dix, Revolutionary
Communist Party, USA

*October 22nd**, 2009: NO MORE! *

*No More Stolen Lives!*

Corey Harris, a junior at Dyett High School, a star basketball player and
captain of the baseball team, was the first Chicago student to be killed by gun
violence this school year—shot to death on September 11. He was killed after
school, shot in the back as he ran away from a man with a gun. There was no
media outcry over Corey's murder, no statement from the White House about
their distress over it. Hundreds of students and adults who loved Corey
attended his funeral, but there was no parade of politicians there. The name
of his murderer is known by the Chicago Police Department and yet he walks
the streets today, uncharged for this murder. Why? The man who executed this
unarmed student was an off-duty Chicago cop.

Last year the Chicago police killed 21 people.

The death of Derrion Albert, an honor student at Fenger High School in
Chicago, is also a horror for the people. On September 24, the nation was
stunned by vivid images of the Fenger High School melee resulting in his
death. People are agonizing over how did we get into a hellish situation
where parents watch students being killed over nothing, where kids grow up
haunted by images of gunfire. Everyone talks about responsibility. But who
and what *is*responsible for this situation?

Oscar Brown Jr's poem, "Children of Children," includes these lines:

The children of children trapped by dark skins to stay in and play in a game
no one wins
The children of children while still young and sweet are all damned and
programmed for future defeat
The children of children are trapped by adults who fail them then jail them
to hide the results...

*It is a crime of this system *that our youth internalize the message they
get every day through the worthless schools and degrading conditions and
brutalizing cops—the message that this system has no future for them and
that they don't even deserve a future—and then they act it out against each
other. More police are not the answer, as the police murder of Corey Harris

Youth need to be inspired, encouraged, organized and unleashed to stand up
against and resist the conditions they face, including degradation,
dehumanization and outright murder they face at the hands of the police. In
the course of this, and joining with others to throw off oppression
throughout the world, people can and will change themselves.

*"The days when this system can just keep on doing what it does to people,
here and all over the world...when people are not inspired and organized to
stand up against these outrages and to build up the strength to put an end
to this madness...those days must be GONE. And they CAN be." **("The
Revolution We Need... The Leadership We
," Revolution #170, July 19, 2009)*

October 22nd is the National Day of Protest to STOP Police Brutality,
Repression and the Criminalization of a Generation. It is the day to begin
to stand up and resist the outrage of police brutality and police murder.

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*CARL DIX* is a founding member of the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA.
In 1970 Carl was one of the Fort Lewis 6, six GI's who refused orders to go
to Vietnam. He served 2 years in Leavenworth Military Penitentiary for this
stand. In 1985 Carl initiated the Draw the Line statement, a powerful
condemnation of the bombing of the MOVE house in Philadelphia. In 1996, Dix
was a co-founder of the October 22nd Coalition to Stop Police Brutality. In
2006 he coordinated the Katrina hearings of the Bush Crimes Commission. He
recently participated in a dialogue with Cornel West at Aaron Davis
Hall titled,
“The Ascendancy of Obama… and the Continued Need for Resistance and
Liberation <>” and was interviewed with Dr.
West on Democracy