Christopher Arrion Burgess, 16 year-old Native American boy. He was pepper sprayed by a probation officer who stormed into a house where Christopher was watching a movie with friends. EPD officer Terry Liles, who had pulled Christopher out of sleep about 3 years earlier (13 years old) and beat him until the boy's skull was fractured, chased Christopher on October 23, 2006, and shot him in the heart. Killed him. And this, after years of Christopher being systematically criminalized, and still being a kind and much-loved kid. Cheri Lyn Moore, a grandmother, who was distressed about the anniversary of her son's death and called the Humboldt County Mental Health Dept, was killed by an overzealous Eureka Police Department SWAT team. Cheri lived in an apartment, but was a friend to the streets. EPD, behaving like they were in an action movie, made what they call a "welfare check" after calls from mental health, and rather than allow Cheri to speak with friends and be comforted from her despair, staked out her apartment with snipers, forced themselves into her apartment, and shot her multiple times. Killed her. Martin "Fred" Cotton, a 26 year-old man on the streets of Eureka was killed by EPD and Humboldt County Sheriffs. EPD pepper sprayed Martin, kicked him, beat him with night sticks, and punched him with fists—for up to 20 minutes. EPD put a hood on Martin and took him directly to jail to die, and where the beating continued, rather than immediately bringing him to the hospital. Martin was not seen by medical staff while in police custody, until he was dead. NONE of the officers involved were put on any type of leave. Zachary Cook- 18 years old: He was in a bed when Eureka Police Department officer Terry Liles shot him multiple times and killed him.  This happened only about 2 months after Liles, who was also involved in the shooting of Cheri Moore, killed teen Christopher Burgess. Peter Stewart: When an ambulance was called to take a young Hupa man, Peter Stewart, back to Semprevirens mental hospital in Eureka, he had been released two days early and was not stabilized, instead the Humboldt Sheriffs, EPD and SWAT team showed up. Peter Stewart had not committed nor was he accused of any crime. Peter did not want to go with the weapon-brandishing police. The cops threw 50 rounds of tear gas and ammunition into the house, which eventually caught it on fire with Peter inside. Fire trucks were in the driveway with friends of Peter who were firemen, begging to be allowed to put the fire out. The police refused and allowed the housed to burn. Peter was found dead in the bath tub, wrapped in wet sheets- an apparent attempt to survive the gas and heat. Peter's mother and other family were forced by the police (essentially 'at gunpoint') to stay away. The family witnessed the killing. James 'Hans' Peters, a man from Hoopa, was locked up in the Humboldt County Jail, awaiting transfer to Napa State Mental Hospital. He, a man with mental health issues, was in solitary confinement for several months. He had allegedly hurt a jail guard while he was incarcerated. The jail clams they found Hans near dead--and that he had hung himself. Then the jail brought him to the medical hospital and did not inform the family. When family members eventually arrived, having received an anonymous call from the hospital staff, the police would not allow the family to see their beloved or even be told his condition. The family was kicked out of the hospital and the parking lot by police. Another day passed before his mother was allowed to see him (he was on life-support)- and only after a judge's order. She wasn't given information on his condition until the media wrote about the situation. The family doubts everything told to them by the Sheriffs about Hans dying from a 'suicide attempt'; reasons for doubt include the nature of the wound and the condition of Hans' body, which they saw after he died. Hans died in the hospital, in the jail/Sheriff's custody. Many accounts from people who have been incarcerated in the Humboldt County Jail include hearing people get KILLED in the jail by Sheriff's Deputies and guards. And these stories have always been covered up. Eloy Infante-Toscano, killed by Sheriff's Deputy in the woods near Larabee Valley. Mr. Infante-Toscano was from Mexico. No one but he and the Deputy were present when he was shot and killed. Gabriel Cuevas-Maldonado, shot with assault rifle by EPD officer Gary Whitmer. Mr. Maldonado was in a house when he was killed. He spoke no English. EPD Homicides 2005-2006, those ADMITTED by EPD: Sept. 15, 2005 Gabriel Cuevas-Maldonado, shot by police April 14, 2006 Cheri Moore, shot by police Oct. 23, 2006 Christopher Burgess, shot by police Dec. 8, 2006 Jonni Honda, shot by police